Dr Alice Welham

Clinical Lecturer MA(Cantab) PhD(Exon) DClinPsy(Bham)

AliceWelham2.jpg Research group: N/A
Email: akw12@le.ac.uk
Tel: +44 (0)116 223 1639

Clinical Psychology
University of Leicester
Centre for Medicine
Lancaster Road

Research Interests and Techniques

I am a part-time clinical lecturer on the clinical psychology doctorate (DClinPsy) course, contributing to teaching (including statistical methods in clinical psychology), marking and research supervision. I have a broad range of interests in psychology and its clinical applications.

Recent Publications

Welham A, Barth G, Moss J, Penhallow J, Sheth K, Wilde L, Wynn S, Oliver C. (2015). Behavioural characteristics associated with 19p13.2 microdeletions. American Journal of Medical Genetics A, in press.

Vitlic A, Lord J, Taylor A, Arlt W; Bartlett D, Rossi A, Duggal N, Welham A; Heald M, Oliver C, Carroll D, Phillips A. (2015). Neutrophil function in young and old caregivers. British Journal of Health Psychology, in press.

Welham A, Lau J, Moss J, Cullen J, Higgs S, Warren G, Wilde L, Marr A, Cook F, Oliver C. (2015). Are Angelman and Prader‐Willi syndromes more similar than we thought? Food‐related behavior problems in Angelman, Cornelia de Lange, Fragile X, Prader‐Willi and 1p36 deletion syndromes. American Journal of Medical Genetics A 167(3): 572-578.

Waite, J, Heald M, Wilde L, Woodcock K, Welham A, Adams D, Oliver C. (2014). The importance of understanding the behavioural phenotypes of genetic syndromes associated with intellectual disability. Paediatrics and Child Health 24 (10): 468-472.

Welham, A, & Wills, A (2011). "Unitization, similarity, and overt attention in categorization and exposure." Memory & Cognition 39(8): 1518-1533

Teaching Activities

Clinical Psychology doctorate course (academic teaching staff)

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