Dr Eoin McElroy

Lecturer in Psychology

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Department of Neuroscience, Psychology and Behaviour
University of Leicester
George Davies Centre (GDC)
University Road
Leicester, LE1 7RH
Tel: 0116 229 7151
E-mail: em447@le.ac.uk
Twitter: @EMcElroy_90
Research Gate: Eoin_Mcelroy2

Personal Statement:

I completed my BSc and PhD in Psychology at Ulster University, Northern Ireland. I began working at Leicester as a lecturer in 2019. Prior to this I held postdoctoral positions at University College London and the University of Liverpool.

My research focusses on the development of mental illness across the life course. I use large epidemiological datasets, particularly cohort studies, to investigate risk factors and outcomes that are associated with mental illness at the population level. I am also interested in the structure and measurement of mental health, and the reliability and validity of our most commonly used diagnostic systems.




I am a member of the Health & Wellbeing research group.

Funding: ESRC Secondary Data Analysis Initiative (October 2019; £199,709.86). A Population Accountability Approach to special educational need (SEN) in Northern Ireland: Using administrative data to reach and support the most vulnerable in society. O’Connor Bones, U., Murphy J., Taggart, L., McElroy, E., & Adamson, G.

University of Liverpool Early Career: Researchers and Returners Fund (£2,000). Using network analysis to examine symptom change in a large clinical sample of children and adolescents.



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I currently teach on undergraduate modules related to psychopathology, health and wellbeing, and applied statistics.

PhD supervision: Ahmad Alastal (with Professor Panos Vostanis)




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