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I hope everyone has managed to have a good break at some time over the summer.  As you return is a good time to think about your plans for the next year.

Grant Development meetings

Plan your time for grant applications! Please start by booking a GRANT DEVELOPMENT MEETING with Emma (egg3@le.ac.uk)  - these are proving very helpful in focussing ideas, giving constuctive feedback, comments from people who have sat on the funding panels and generally assisting to increase your chances of funding.

Funding web pages

Emma and Sybille Kubis (Research Support Office) have put a lot of effort into Strand-specific funding web pages – so have a look if you need some ideas.  You will need to log in to view them.

Recent funding successes

Our grant development efforts are beginning to reap some rewards.

  1. An Auditory Suite for auditory brainstem responses and Startle reflex has been funded and is currently under construction in the CRF (£30,000 internal funding from the Infrastructure Fund and the Small Equipment Fund). This was led by Ian Forsythe, Blair Grubb, Mike Mulheran and  Martine Hamann.
  2. A Behaviour Suite has also been funded for the CRF (£68,000) led by Andrew Young, Claire Gibson, Todor Gerdjikov and Jose Prados.
  3. Todor Gerdjikov has been awarded a Leverhulme Trust  grant (£82,000) grant for a two year study entitled:  Optogenetic analysis of reward mechanisms in the brain: contributions of the PPN - VTA circuit.
  4. Ian Forsythe was awarded an MRC project grant for three years entitled: Intrinsic plasticity of neuronal excitability in the auditory brainstem and neocortex: nitrergic signalling to voltage-gated potassium channels. (£868,000).

Well done everyone and if I’ve missed any others - please let Emma know!

Neuroscience Café 15/08/2012

A great evening was had by all that attended the Café Research public meeting organised by Duncan Stanley and Adam Tozer…. Along with free Pizza and beer, there were was great science and even a song and dance routine by Jim Sinclair and Paul Gunderson…. (No doubt someone has put this on YouTube… ) you had to be there….Our postgraduate speakers kept us entertained and informed on the following topics – Well done everyone!! 

  • Parental hostility and child behaviour, nature via a lack of nurture. Kit Elam, Psychology.
  • Visualising synaptic function.  Jo Shaw, Cell Physiology and Pharmacology.
  • From Pears to Poles: magnetoreception in fruit flies. Giorgio Fedele, Genetics.
  • iPods: as dangerous as jet engines? Thomas Tagoe, Cell Physiology and Pharmacology.

2013: Neuroscience & Behaviour Research Symposium

Finally - We are starting to think about next year’s Theme Symposium, so ideas and any volunteers that want to be involved will be appreciated, please contact Ian Forsythe over the next three weeks.

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