Volume 9, 2011

March 2011. Volume 9, no. 1


Miniatures of the nation: ethnic minority figurines, mannequins and dioramas in Chinese museums
Marzia Varutti

Playing with fire: struggling with ‘experience’ and ‘play’ in war tourism
Mads Daugbjerg

Looking from above: saying and doing in the history museums of Latin America
Marisa González de Oleaga, María Silvia Di Liscia, Ernesto Bohoslavsky

Book and Exhibition Reviews

Carole Paul, The Borghese Collections and the Display of Art in the Age of the Grand Tour
Stuart Frost

Bill Ivey, Arts, Inc.: How Greed and Neglect Have Destroyed Our Cultural Rights
Manon Parry

Joyce M . Thierer, Telling History. A Manual for Performers and Presenters of First-Person Narratives
Antonie Rita Wiedemann

Because We Are, Exhibit, Station Museum of Contemporary Art, Houston, Texas, 19 June 2010-19 Sept 2010
Jennifer Tyburczy


July 2011. Volume 9, no. 2

Special Issue: Hot Science Global Citizens: The Agency of the Museum Sector in Climate Change Interventions


Guest Editorial: Climate change as a complex phenomenon and the problem of cultural governance
Fiona Cameron, Guest editor

From mitigation to creativity: the agency of museums and science centres and the means to govern climate change
Fiona Cameron

Museums and attacks from cyberspace: Non-linear communication in a postmodern world
Bob Hodge

The Mediations of climate change: museums as citizens’ media
Juan Francisco Salazar

Museums and science centres as sites for deliberative democracy on climate change
Fiona Cameron, Ann Deslandes

Museums and a common world: climate change, cosmopolitics, museum practice
Ben Dibley


November 2011. Volume 9, no. 3


Museums and the Embodiment of Human Rights
Louise Purbrick

The Museological Side of the Conflict: Israeli Exhibition of Terror and the Palestinian Museum of Prisoners
Yonatan Mendel and Alexa Rose Steinberg

Nature, Nation and the Museum: the mid-twentieth century New Zealand experience
Jillian Walliss

When legitimate claims collide: communities, media and dialogue
Klas Grinell

Review Article

Challenging History: reviewing debate within the heritage sector on the ‘challenge’ of history
Jenny Kidd

Exhibition Reviews

Balenciaga: Spanish Master, Queen Sofía Spanish Institute, 684 Park Avenue, New York, NY.  Exhibition Dates: 19 November 2010 - 19 February 2011
Marcela T. Garcés

Drawn to the Water: Artists of the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts Capture our Region’s Waterways, 1830-Present, Independence Seaport Museum, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 15 April – 31 December 2011
Stephanie L. Shestakow

Book Review

Museums and the Public Sphere. By Jennifer Barrett. Chichester, UK: Wiley-Blackwell, 2011. Pp. viii + 198.
Sara Hall


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