Volume 14 2016

March 2016. Volume 14, No 1

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Special Issue: Sociology and Museums
Guest Editors: Gordon Fyfe and Paul Jones

Introduction: Sociology and Museums: Visitors, Policy, Knowledge
Gordon Fyfe and Paul Jones

Sociology of Museums

Seeing and Being Seen: The Multimodality of Museum Spectatorship
Dimitra Christidou, Sophia Diamantopoulou

Making Sense of Things: Constructing Aesthetic Experience in Museum Gardens and Galleries
Gemma Mangione

The Habitus of Heritage: a Discussion of Bourdieu’s Ideas for Visitor Studies in Heritage and Museums
Bella Dicks

Place and Cultural Capital: Art Museum Visitors across Space
Laurie Hanquinet

Exhibiting the Nation: Indigenousness in Chile’s National Museums
Magdalena Gil

Cultural Policy

Exploring the gap between museum policy and practice: a comparative analysis of Scottish, English and Welsh local authority museum services
Vikki McCall

Structure, Agency and Museum Policies
Clive Gray

Productive Nation? Museums, Cultural Policy and Australia’s Productivity Narrative
Ian McShane

Museums of Sociology

Using the Local to Tell a Global Story: How the Peabody Essex Museum Became a World Class Museum
Peggy Levitt, Katherine Cali

‘The rats are still with us’: Constructing Everyday Life at the Anacostia Museum in Washington, DC
Robyn Autry

Staging Migration (in) Museums: A Reflection on Exhibition Design Practices for the Representation of Migration in European Contemporary Museums
Francesca Lanz

Sociology, Buildings, Objects

Curating actor-network theory: testing object-oriented sociology in the science museum
Laurie Waller

Museum Architecture Matters
Paul Jones, Suzanne Macleod


Review Article

Museum Studies, Area Studies, and Museums in China
Elizabeth Lawrence


Book Reviews

Paul Basu and Wayne Modest (eds.), Museums, Heritage and International Development, New York: Routledge, 2015, hardcover £90.00, pp. ix+345.
Amy Clarke

Jenny Kidd, Museums in the New Mediascape: Transmedia, Participation, Ethics, Farnham: Ashgate, 2014, hardcover £ 65.00, pp. ix+166.
Amy Hetherington

Freda Matassa, Organizing Exhibitions. A handbook for museums, libraries and archives, London: Facet Publishing, 2014, paperback pp. xxviii+302.
Sara Wear

Ian Convery, Gerard Corsane and Peter Davis (eds.), Displaced Heritage: Responses to Disaster, Trauma, and Loss, Woodbridge: The Boydell Press, 2014, hardback, £60.00 pp. xx+337.
Lisa Gordon


July 2016. Volume 14, No 2

Guest-edited Section

(Re)Imagining, (Re)Interpreting and (Re)Valuing for Diverse Audiences
Editors: Dr Annette B. Fromm, Dr Viv Golding

Annette Fromm, Viv Golding

Curating Action: Rethinking Ethnographic Collections and the Role/Place of Performing Arts in the Museum
Hélène Bernier, Mathieu Viau-Courville

Desiring the past and reimagining the present: contemporary collecting in Qatar
Karen Exell

New Futures for Old Collections - Contemporary Collecting and Community Involvement at the National Museum of Denmark
Mille Gabriel

Open Section

Toy Story: Childhood versus Children in Toy Museums
Anne Jodon Cole, Eva Petersson Brooks

Museums, exchanges, and their contribution to Joseph Nye’s concept of ‘soft power’
Leanne Hoogwaerts

From museum to memory institution: the politics of European culture online
Elizabeth Stainforth

To Survive Ravensbrück: Considerations on Museum Pedagogy and the Passing on of Holocaust Remembrance
Katrine Tinning

Book Reviews

Rose, J. 2016. Interpreting difficult history at museums and historic sites, Rowman and Littlefield, Lanham, Boulder, New York and London, paperback, £23.95, pp215
Ceri Jones

Ingrid Mida and Alexandra Kim, The Dress Detective: A Practical Guide to Object-Based Research in Fashion. London: Bloomsbury, 2015, paperback £24.99, pp. 224.
Julia Petrov


November 2016. Volume 14, No 3

Special Issue: Emotional Strategies in Museum Exhibitions
Guest Editors: Alys Cundy, Yvonne Pörzgen

Alys Cundy, Yvonne Pörzgen

Fascism and its Afterlife in Architecture: Towards a Revaluation of Affect
Elke Heckner

"Russenlager” and forced labour. Soviet prisoners of war in Bremen - “home” as a reference for historical memory. Creating an exhibition on a voluntary basis: a case study
Kerstin True-Biletski, Petra Redert

Exhibiting Negative Feelings: Writing a History of Emotions in German History Museums
Chloe Paver

Siege Memory – Besieged Memory? Heroism and Suffering in St Petersburg Museums dedicated to the Siege of Leningrad
Yvonne Pörzgen


Open section

Digging into Downstairs: Exhibiting Domestic Service
Hanne Østhus, Ulrike Spring

Pompeii Live: Performing Objects
Lorna Cruickshanks

Cultural diplomacy, national identity and national museum: South Korea’s first overseas exhibition in the US, 1957 to 1959
Sang-hoon Jang


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