Volume 13, 2015

Volume 13, 2015

January 2015. Volume 13, No 1 (extra)

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Museum, Field, Colony: collecting, displaying and governing people and things. Guest Editors: Fiona Cameron & Conal McCarthy


Fiona Cameron and Conal McCarthy

From French Indochina to Paris and back again: The Circulation of Objects, People, and Information, 1900-1932
Nélia Dias

Morale and Mass Observation: Governing the Affective Atmosphere on the Home-Front
Ben Dibley and Michelle Kelly

Exhibiting the Austro-Hungarian Empire: The Austrian Museum for Folk Culture in Vienna, 1895-1925
Julie Thorpe

‘America Is Our Field’: Anthropological Regionalism at the American Museum of Natural History, 1895–1945
Ira Jacknis

Australian Museums, Aboriginal Skeletal Remains, and the Imagining of Human Evolutionary History, c. 1860-1914.
Paul Turnbull

Two anthropological assemblages: New Zealand museums, Native policy, and Māori ‘culture areas’ and ‘adaptation’
Fiona Cameron and Conal McCarthy

Plenary: The legacy of museum ethnography for indigenous people today—case studies from Aotearoa/New Zealand.
Arapata Hakiwai and Paul Diamond.  


March 2015. Volume 13, No 2

Museum education today: creative synergies and pedagogic innovations in multicultural contexts


Editorial Note
Anastasia Filippoupoliti, Stella Sylaiou

Learning Local Immigration History In and Out of the Museum
Jeremy Stoddard, Alan Marcus, Kurt Squire, John Martin

Museums Providing Opportunities for Promoting a Positive Sense of Self in the Early Years
Betsy Bowers, Dana Brightful, Carrie Heflin, Anna Hindley, Kimberlee, L. Kiehl, Erin Pruckno, Cynthia Raso, Jaime Wolfe

Arte Juntos/Art Together: Promoting School Readiness among Latino Children through Parent Engagement and Social Inclusion in a Suburban Museum
Zoila Tazi, Helena Vidal, Karen Stein

Report from the Field: Multi-cultural Dialogue and Transformative Learning in Arts & Minds Programs at The Studio Museum in Harlem
Carolyn Halpin-Healy

Houses of stories: the whale rider at the American Museum of
Natural History
Billie Lythberg, Jennifer Newell, Wayne Ngata

Multicultural Museum Education in and beyond Exhibit: Local and Transnational Synergies from Canada’s Oldest Chinatown
Tzu-I Chung

Are coins small and boring? Developing an experiential based education programme
Mieka Harris

Museums, innovative pedagogies and the twenty-first century learner: a question of methodology
Maria Xanthoudaki

July 2015. Volume 13, No 3


Museums, Memory, and the Just Nation in Post-Civil War El Salvador
Robin DeLugan

The gift of Tsochen Man: private donations to national museums in Taiwan
Paul van der Grijp

The Complexity of ‘Community’: Considering the Effects of Discourse on Museums’ Social Media Practices
Amelia Wong

Branding, legitimation and the power of museums: The case of the Louvre Abu Dhabi
Btihaj Ajana

Entangled interpretations and a transnational art exhibition:The case of (…) Ketsin! Art from the Kyrgyz Republic (Shoreditch, May 2013)
Sally Nikoline Cummings

Acting and Collecting: Imagining Asia through material culture and musical theatre
Peter Thorley

Ecomuseums and Contemporary Multi-cultural Communities: Assessing Problems and Potentialities through the Experience of the Écomusée du Val de Bièvre, Fresnes, France.
Elena Montanari

The Kaleidoscope of Culture: expanding the museum experience and the museum narrative by inviting visitors into the curatorial process
Kirsten Jensen. Karen Grøn

Work, specimen, witness: How different perspectives on museum objects alter the way they are perceived and the values attributed to them
Thomas Thiemeyer

Book Reviews

Museum Bodies: The politics and practices of visiting and viewing. By Helen Rees Leahy. Ashgate, 2012. ISBN: 9781409418610
Michael Pickering

Archives, Museums and Collecting Practice in the Modern Arabic World, Mejcher-Atassi, S. and Pedro, Schartz, J. (eds), Ashgate, 2012, ISBN: 978-1-4094-4616-3
Kouros Samanian

Museum Law: A Guide for Officers, Directors and Counsel. By Marilyn E. Phelan. 4th ed, Rowman & Littlefield: Maryland, 2014, ISBN: 978-0759124349
Janet Ulph

Re-imagining Heritage Interpretation, Enchanting the Past-Future, by Russell Staiff, Farnham and Burlington, Ashgate, 2014, ISBN: 978-1-4094-5550-9.
Anna Woodham


November 2015. Volume 13, No 4


Understanding implicit learning in museums and galleries
Alex Elwick

Attempting intelligibility with the seemingly incomprehensible: Murambi, human remains and the Labour of Care
Ashley DeMartini


Making Military Histories in Museums

Editorial Introduction
Sheila Watson, Alastair Massie

Contested Objects: Curating Soldier Art
Holly Furneaux, Sue Prichard

The Muted Voice: The Limitations of Museums and the Depiction of Controversial History
John A. Haymond

Trophies of War: Representing ‘Summer Palace’ Loot in Military Museums in the UK
Louise Tythacott

Objects and the Representation of War in Military Museums
James Scott

Negotiating a ‘Tangled Web of Pride and Shame’: A Crimean Case-Study
Rachel Bates

Shaped by familiarity: Memory, Space and Materiality at Imperial War Museum North.
Angela Loxham


Review Articles

Enhancing our understanding of museum audiences: visitor studies in the twenty-first century
Ceri Jones

European Museums, Migration, and Social Inclusion
Amy Levin


Book Reviews

Marie Riegels Melchior (ed) Birgitta Svensson (ed), Fashion and Museums: Theory and Practice, London, Bloomsbury, 2014, paperback, £19.99
Lindsey Holmes

Amy Jane Barnes, Museum Representations of Maoist China: From Cultural Revolution to Commie Kitsch, Farnham: Ashgate, 2014, hardback £58.50, pp. x+253
Elizabeth Lawrence

Koontz, C. and Mon, L., Marketing and Social Media. A Guide for Libraries, Archives, and Museums, Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2014, paperback, pp. 310
Anna Mikhaylova

Ross Wilson, Cultural Heritage of the Great War in Britain, Farnham: Ashgate, 2013, hardback £65.00, pp.245
Joel Morley


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