Volume 12, 2014

March 2014. Volume 12, no. 1 (scroll down for no. 2 and no. 3)


Narrating place: the sense of visiting
Caterina Albano

The Poetics and Politics of the Swedish Model for Contemporary Collecting
Bodil Axelsson

Presence in the Museum
On metonymies, discontinuity and history without stories
Adam Bencard

Doing emotion work in museums: reconceptualising the role of
community engagement practitioners
Ealasaid Munro

Book Reviews

Samuel J. M. M. Alberti and Elizabeth Hallam (eds.), Medical Museums: Past, Present, Future, London: Royal College of Surgeons of England, 2013, paperback £25, pp. vi+250
Jonathan Reinarz

Carol Scott (ed.), Museums and Public Value: Creating Sustainable Futures, Farnham: Ashgate Publishing Ltd., 2013, hardback £45.00, pp. xvii + 189
Douglas Worts


July 2014. Volume 12, no. 2


Embodied discourse in the bourgeois museum: performative spaces at the Ordrupgaard collection
Rasmus Kjærboe

Filling the Absence: the re-embodiment of sites of mass atrocity and the practices they generate
Kerry Whigham

Patents and Publics: Engaging Museum Audiences with Issues of Ownership and Invention
James F. Stark. Graeme Gooday

Leaving and Longing: Migration Museums as Nation-Building Sites
Claire Sutherland

Native Empowerment, the New Museology, and the National Museum of the American Indian
Kristine Ronan

Exhibition Review: Inside: Life in Children’s Homes and Institutions. National Museum Australia touring museum exhibition, Melbourne Museum, 29 August 2013 to 27 January 2014.
Jacqueline Z. Wilson

Book Reviews

Kate Hill (ed.), Museums and Biographies. Stories, Objects, Identities, The International Centre for Cultural and Heritage Studies, Newcastle University, Woodbridge: The Boydell Press, 2012, hardback £ 60, pp. x+338.
Alexandra Bounia

Jeffrey Hill, Kevin Moore and Jason Wood (eds.), Sport, History and Heritage: Studies in Public Representation. Woodbridge: Boydell Press, 2012, hardback £60, pp. x +283
Bob Snape


November 2014. Volume 12, no. 3


Revenue, relevance and reflecting community: Blockbusters at the Art Gallery of NSW
Chiara O’Reilly, Anna Lawrenson

Mind the Gap: Prediction and Performance in Respect to Visitor Numbers at the New Acropolis Museum
James Beresford

Interpretation design: an integrative, interdisciplinary practice
Toni Roberts

Knowledge utopias: An epistemological perspective on the convergence of museums, libraries and archives
Helena Robinson

Colonial museology and the Buddhist chronicles of Sri Lanka: agency and negotiation in the development of the palm-leaf manuscript collection at the Colombo Museum.
Jonathan Sweet


Book Reviews

Claire Robins, Curious Lessons in the Museum: The Pedagogic Potential of Artists’ Interventions, Farnham: Ashgate Publishing Limited, 2013
Nick Cass, University of Leeds

Elizabeth Edwards, The Camera as Historian – Amateur Photographers and Historical Imagination, 1885-1918, London & Durham: Duke University Press, 2012
James Wallis, University of Exeter/Imperial War Museums

Francesca Monti and Suzanne Keene, Museums and Silent Objects: Designing Effective Exhibitions, Surrey: Ashgate Publishing Limited, 2013
Alex Woodall, University of Leicester

Hilary Iris Lowe, Mark Twain’s Homes and Literary Tourism, Columbia and London: University of Missouri Press, 2012
Dr Jenny Walklate, Independent Scholar

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