Volume 11, 2013

March 2013. Volume 11, no. 1

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The V&A, The Destruction of the Country House and the Creation of ‘English Heritage’
Ruth Adams

Absent Histories and Absent Images: Photographs, Museums and the Colonial Past
Elizabeth Edwards, Matt Mead

Cultural Diplomacy 2.0: Challenges and Opportunities in Museum International Practices
Natalia Grincheva

Making Contact in an exhibition zone: Displaying contemporary cultural diversity in Donegal, Ireland, through an installation of visual and material portraits
Harriet Purkis

Contact Zones, Third Spaces, and the Act of Interpretation
Philipp Schorch

Fault lines of participation: An ethnography translated into an exhibition on family and kinship
Kathrina Dankl, Tena Mimica, Lukasz Nieradzik, Karin Schneider, Elisabeth Timm

Book Reviews

Heritage in the Digital Era, edited by Marionos Ioannides, Addison Alonzo, Andreas Georgopoulos, Loukas Kalisperis, Andre Brown and Denis Pitzalis, Brentwood: Multi-Science Publishing Co., 2010, paperback £58, pp. iv+258.
Amy Hetherington

Museum Trouble: Edwardian Fiction and the Emergence of Modernism, Ruth Hoberman, Charlottesville and London, University of Virginia Press, 2011, pp xxvi-236, Hardback £34.50, Cloth $39:50
Jennifer Walklate

Pinning Down The Past: Archaeology, Heritage and Education Today, Mike Corbishley, Heritage Matters Series: volume 5. Boydell Press, Woodbridge. ISBN 9781843836780 Hard Back, 384 pages, numerous illustrations. £25.
Roger White


Volume 11, No. 2


The Personal is still Political: Museums, Participation and Copyright
Helen Graham, Rhiannon Mason, Nigel Nayling

Wag(er)ing Histories, Staking Territories: Exhibiting Sovereignty in Native America
John Bodinger de Uriarte, Melissa Biggs

Examining the ‘flexible museum’: exhibition process, a project approach, and the creative element
Jennie Morgan

Other People’s Stories: Bringing Public-Generated Photography into the Contemporary Art Museum
Areti Galani, Alexandra Moschovi

Decolonising the Museum: The Case of the Imperial and Commonwealth Institutes
Claire Wintle


Book Reviews

Art, Museums and Touch, Fiona Candlin, Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2010, ISBN: 978-0-7190-7933-7, hardback £.60.00, pp. xii+208
Stephanie Bowry

Looking for Non-Publics, Daniel Jacobi and Jason Luckerhoff (eds) Québec: Presses de L’Université du Québec, translated from French, 2012, paperback, $24,00, 158pp
Ceri Jones


Volume 11, No. 3


The Bomb in the Museum: Nuclear Technology and the Human Element
Robin Gerster

Arcadian modernism and national identity: The ‘Murdoch press’ and the 1939 Australian Herald ‘Exhibition of French and British Contemporary Art’
Janice Baker

Defining and Redefining American Indian Identity: an Examination of the Role of the Museum in Contemporary Ethnogenesis in the United States
Katelyn L. Bolhofner

Salvage Stories, Preserving Narratives, and Museum Ships
Andrew Sawyer

Book Reviews

Michelle L. Stefano, Peter Davis and Gerard Corsane (eds), Safeguarding Intangible Cultural Heritage The Boydell Press 2012, ISBN: 9781843837107, hardback £60.00, 275pp
Jeanette Atkinson

Amy Levin (ed.), Gender, Sexuality, and Museums: A Routledge Reader, Oxon & New York: Routledge, 2010, paperback £27,99, pp. 1+309
Maria-Anna Tseliou

J.Pedro Lorente (ed.), The Museums of Contemporary Art, Notion and Development, Farnam, Surrey: Ashgate Publishing, 2011, ISBN: 978-1-4094-0586-3, hardback £.70.00, pp. vii+318

Rebecca A. Senf and Stephen J. Pyne, Reconstructing the View: The Grand Canyon Photographs of Mark Klett and Byron Wolfe, Berkeley: University of California Press, 2012, hardcover £34.95, pp. 230.

Raymund Ryan, White Cube, Green Maze: New Art Landscapes, Berkeley: University of California Press, 2012, hardcover £27.95, pp. 120.
Jennifer Jankauskas

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