Volume 10,2012

March 2012. Volume 10, no. 1 (scroll down for 2&3)


Engaging Strangeness in the Art Museum: an audience development strategy
Jane Deeth

A cross-cultural perspective on musealization: the museum’s reception by China and Japan in the second half of the nineteenth century
Chang Wan-Chen

Independent Museums, Heritage, and the Shape of Museum Studies
Fiona Candlin

‘Educative leisure’ and the art museum
Laurie Hanquinet and Mike Savage

Gender and material culture: Review Article
Alexandra Bounia

Book Reviews
Amy Jane Barnes, Manon Parry, Mark O’Neill, Graham Black, Justin Walsh


July 2012. Volume 10, no. 2


A Trojan Horse? An icon of the anti-establishment at the Victoria & Albert Museum
Amy Jane Barnes

Contact Networks for Digital Reciprocation
Carl Hogsden & Emma Poulter

Negotiating with the Public - Ethnographic Museums and Ethnopolitics
Harald Eidheim, Ivar Bjørklund, Terje Brantenberg

Reflexivity in the Apologetic Aeon: NZOC’s Return to Moscow
Geoff Z. Kohe

Review article: Medical Museums and Metaphors of the Body
Amy K. Levin

Book Reviews
Peter Corrigan, Nick Cass, Stacy Boldrick, Kelly J. Gannon


November 2012. Volume 10, No.3

Special Issue: Does War Belong in Museums?
The Representation of Violence in Exhibitions

Guest Editor: Wolfgang Muchitsch for Museumsakademie Joanneum


Bettina Habsburg-Lothringen

Museums and the Representation of War
Jay Winter

Contents and Space: New Concept and New Building of the Militärhistorisches Museum of the Bundeswehr
Gorch Pieken

From technical showroom to full-fledged museum: The German Tank Museum Munster
Ralf Raths

War Museums and Photography
Theopisti Stylianou-Lambert, Alexandra Bounia

Book Reviews
Richard Boffey, Jennie Morgan, Patricia Sabine, Kate Hill


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