Volume 15, 2017

March 2017, Volume 15, No 1

The job that no one wants to do? Museum educators’ articulations about guided tours
Cecilia Rodéhn

Interpreting social issues: Museum theatre’s potential for critical engagement
Niki Nikonanou, Foteini Venieri

Beyond folding and gathering: museums attending to the new materiality
Kylie Budge

‘A space of negotiation’: Visitor Generated Content and Ethics at Tate
Jenny Kidd, Rosie Cardiff

National Identity, International Visitors: Narration and Translation of the Taipei 228 Memorial Museum
Chia-Li Chen Min-Hsiu Liao

‘We are… we are everything’: the politics of recognition and misrecognition at immigration museums
Laurajane Smith*

Understanding the Exhibitionary Characteristics of Popular Music Museums.
Charles Fairchild*

Uncharted territory: Visitor books of Indian museums. The Madhya Pradesh Tribal Museum in Bhopal – a case study
Ina Ross

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