About our Sponsor

We are extremely grateful to Hanwell Instruments Ltd (part of the IMC Group Ltd) for their generous sponsorship of this event.

UK-based, Hanwell whose environmental monitoring and control systems are already helping to preserve the historic collections of the Louvre, National Trust, V&A and The Royal Collection, amongst others, is the sole sponsor of this conference.

Hanwell has developed over 100 environmental monitoring products since it was founded in 1990, which are available to museums and galleries throughout the world.

Hanwell Instruments Ltd was established to develop commercial applications for instrumentation techniques developed through university research. Operating throughout Europe and America, its specialist designers have developed a comprehensive range of data acquisition and control solutions for a wide variety of high profile clients. Many of these designs have exploited their unrivalled expertise in radio telemetry to provide totally flexible systems.

The IMC Group was formed in 2007 by the amalgamation of Lamerholm Electronics, Hanwell Instruments and Jekyll Electronic Technology. The group has 75 years of experience and offers a comprehensive range of instrumentation and communication systems. Based in Letchworth, Hertfordshire, the group's production range runs from small batches to thousands of units.

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University of Leicester
27-28 March 2012


For general enquiries, please contact Da Kong or Julia Petrov:


School of Museum Studies
University of Leicester
Museum Studies Building
19 University Road