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Note from the Editors

The Editors’ Interview
Sophie Kazan, Gina Wouters, Jimmy Fok Yeung

Museums of the Future: Embracing digital strategies, technology and accessibility
Mark D. Osterman

The sonic threshold of the Museum of the Future
Giacomo Pompanin, Stefania Zardini Lacedelli

#DayofFacts, Museums, and Socially Purposeful Practice: The Future of Museological Public Service
Miranda L. Chavis

The Platform-Museum: conceptual revolutions and practical implications
Stefania Zardini Lacedelli

Ongoing Cultural Phenomenon as Future Museum Objects
Sumi Kim

When matter becomes a monster: Examining Anthropocenic Objects in Museums
Bergsveinn Þórsson

Future museums as educational labs: lessons learned from MoMA’s Young People’s Gallery (1937-1957)
Sara Torres Vega

How can museums work with hospitals?
Nuala Morse, Carolyn Bloore

Museums and Innovations
Zoi Tsiviltidou

MR 21 2017

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Note from the Editors

Obituary: Elee Kirk (1977 – 2016)
Dr Viv Golding

Obituary: Tracey Hovda (1962 – 2017)
Angela Stienne


Best Practice in Museum Partnerships: Bologna and its museum networking
Anna Tulliach

Sharjah: The United Arab Emirates’ Museum Partnership
Sophie Kazan

Partnerships Between Small Museums as a New Management Culture: The Italian Case
Chiara Cecalupo

What Kinds of Partnership are Appropriate or Not Appropriate for Museums to Engage With?
Kasia Tomasiewicz


Exceptional & Extraordinary: Unruly bodies and minds in the medical museum
Professor Richard Sandell and Jocelyn Dodd

Psychotherapy in Museums
Ali Coles

Queering Museums, Fostering Partnerships in Colombia
Michael Andrés Forero Parra

What Kinds of Partnership are Appropriate or Not Appropriate for Museums to Engage With?
Shannen Lang


Museum Partnerships, Virtual Reality and The Catherine Storr Experience
Rachel Pattinson

What Kinds of Partnership are Appropriate or Not Appropriate for Museums to Engage With?
Ting-Han Wang


Oral History in Museums and Education
Zoi Tsiviltidou

What Kinds of Partnership are Appropriate or Not Appropriate for Museums to Engage With?
Hillary Hanel-Rose


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Note from the Editors

Listening to Museums: Sound Mapping towards a Sonically Inclusive Museology
John Kannenberg

Exhibitions in the Dark: Event Cinema’s Promise for Museums and Galleries
Benjamin Doty

We’re all in the Same Boat: Using Ship Models to Promote Collaboration
Davina Kuh Jakobi and Glen Smith

VISUAL SUBMISSION: Museum Skip: Object Stories
Jennifer Durrant

QUESTION & ANSWER: The Impact of Digitalisation on Museum Practice
Othman Tawfeeq Fattah, Sipei Lu, Geoff Giglierano and Natasha Barrett

Digital Museums in the 21st Century: Global Microphones or Universal Mufflers?
Laura Gibson and Rebecca Kahn

Shifting Colonialisms, Shifting Resistance: Locating Indigenous Political Resistance through Canadian and Scottish Collaboration Kelsey Wrightson

EXHIBITION REVIEW: Not Fallen but Felled
Linda Aloysius

Jennifer Bergevin

QUESTION & ANSWER: The Training of Museum Professionals
Anneta Sundieva, Claire Whitbread

North Korea on Display in Seoul: The NK Projectand Imaginative Engagement through Art in the Twenty-First-Century Museum
Kristina Dziedzic Wright

Bosnian – Herzegovinian Culture between Erasure and Ethnopolitics: Reflections on the Crisis of National Cultural Institutions
Melina Sadiković

EXHIBITION REVIEW: Mémorial du Camp de Rivesaltes
Ian Cantoni

VISUAL SUBMISSION: Invisible Wall - Political Dynamics Embedded in Cultural Heritages
Yon Jai Kim

QUESTION & ANSWER: The Changing Landscape of Museums
Kennedy Atsutse, Inês Ferreira, René Lommez Gomes, Carolina Vaz de Carvalho, Dr Inga Specht, Franziska Semrau, Wycliffe Oloo


Issue 19 - Download complete issue

Note from the Editors

CONFERENCE REVIEW: Museums Alive! Exploring How Museums Behave Like Living Beings
Ryan Nutting

INTERVIEW: Bridget McKenzie
Laura Crossley

AN EDITORIAL: Visual Research Submissions & the Field of Museum Studies
Lesley Barker

VISUAL SUBMISSION: The indigenous museum space or wharenui as the embodied Māori ancestor in New Zealand
Natasha Barrett

VISUAL SUBMISSION: Museums, young people and reciprocal relevance
Laurence Brasseur

Peopling the Galleries of Modern London
Dr Ellie Miles

Body, Mind, Spirit: an interpretive framework for children in hospital schools
Alex Woodall

Analysing the Multicultural Pill as the renovation treatment of the European Ethnological and Colonial Museums
Dr Fabien Van Geert

Museums and Oil Sponsorship; forming (un)ethical identities
Jessica Holtaway

Distant Presence and Bodily Interfaces: “Digital-Beings” and Google Art Project
Dr Cristiano Agostino


Issue 18 - Download complete issue

Note from the Editors

INTERVIEW - Christopher Barnatt, Associate Professor of Strategy and Future Studies, Nottingham University
Laura Crossley

EXHIBITION REVIEW - Art Turning Left: How Values Changed Making 1789 – 2013 , Tate Liverpool
Sarah Plumb

CONFERENCE REVIEW - Museum Metamorphosis: the Adaptable and Changing Museum, University of Leicester, 2013
Alex Woodall

Museum Metamorphosis à la Mode
Rikke Haller Baggesen

Transformations in the Postmodern Museum
Jane K Nielsen

Before Museums: The Curiosity Cabinet as Metamorphe
Stephanie Bowry

Things are Changing: Museums and the Material Turn
Mario Schulze

Musealising change or changing the museum: the case of the musical instrument museum from the visitors’ perspective
Judith Dehail

Curatorial Compass: Organizing Meaning in Institutional and Online Displays
Michael Stephanie Berrie

Architectural Interventions and Symbolic Transformations: the case of Brazilian cultural complex
Juliana Prestes Ribeiro de Faria & Regina Andrade Tirello


Issue 17 - Download complete issue

Note from the editors

Seeking Utopia: An Odyssey into Museum Worlds Past, Present and Future
Stephanie Bowry

Generally dissatisfied with the utopian museum
Dr Bernadette Lynch


The Rhineland Museum of 1925. The Short Life of a Grand Plan
Katrin Hieke

Invisible Museums and Multiple Utopias
Elee S. Kirk & Will Buckingham

Do It Yourself (DIY) Museums. Study on Small Museums in Estonia and the People Behind Them
Liisi Taimre

Re-making utopia in the museum: artists as curators
Miranda Stearn

The best as the enemy of the good: utopian approaches to professional practice in UK museums
Helen Wilkinson

What We Know About Our Audiences: Utopian or Cynical Behaviour?
Gloria Romanello

Utopia and Digital Museum Policy in the Web 2.0
Cristiano Agostino

MR16 cover

Issue 16, 2012
pdf 2MB

Letter from the Editors
Guðrún D. Whitehead Looking through the Looking Glass
Željka Miklošević and Darko Babić Institution for Mass Psychotherapy
Lazarus Gent Can Museums Heal? Can Museums Hoard?
Toner M. Stevenson Observing the Less Visible: Alice takes on Astronomy
Guðrún D. Whitehead (photographs) Green’s Mill, Nottingham
Bridget Millmore Funny Money:Eighteenth Century Humorous ‘Evasions’ An imaginative way of circumventing the counterfeiting laws
Nhora Lucía Serrano Grande Exhibitions’ Traveling Museum: A Modern Cabinet of Curiosity
Rebecca Reynolds The Promise of Other Rooms
Mariana Lamas and Eduardo Giménez-Cassina Super Ghost Me: Stories from the ‘Other Side’ of the Museum
Elee Kirk, Julia Petrov and Dan O’Donnell-Smith Apocalypse Then


Issue 15, 2011
pdf 1.34MB

Professor Susan Pearce Foreword: Materiality and Intangibility: Contested Zones

Jenniefer Gadsby The Effect of Encouraging Emotional Value in Museum Experiences

Magnus Gestsson and Serena Iervolino Interpreting Art in the Public Sphere: the Ways Display Locations and Strategies Affect the Meaning of an Artwork

Helen Saunderson Intangible Material: Interventionist Art Works

Mary Lester, Joanna Marchant, Ellie Miles and Kathrin Pieren ‘My London’: Exploring Identities Through Audience Participation and Critical Consumption

Robyn McKenzie From the Contested Zone: String Figures in the Museum

Tânia da Fonte Geo-archaeological Research: from 'Drawing a Triangle' to Three Dimensions

Catherine Moore The Material in the Immaterial – The Powell-Cotton Oukwanyama Film Archive and some Contemporary Material Responses among the Community it Depicts

Rebecca Wade The Boundaries of Knowability: Using the Archive to Reconstruct the 1839 Leeds Public Exhibition

J2 'In the Fold' Imagining Words and Image

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