PhD Led Conferences and Events

PhD-Led Conferences

Museums (em)Power
13-14 September 2018
A multi-disciplinary conference on art and cultural institutions.
School of Museum Studies, University of Leicester.

Museums Alive!
4-5th November 2014
A two-day interdisciplinary postgraduate conference hosted by the School of Museum Studies, University of Leicester, in partnership with the Migration Museum Project.

Museum Metamorphosis: The Adaptable and Changing Museum
5-6 November 2013
(funded by the AHRC Student-Led Collaborative Skills Award, in partnership with Leicester Arts & Museums Service, and supported by the Graduate School and Ashgate Publishers)

Museum Utopias: Navigating the Imaginary, Ideal and Possible Museum
27-28 March 2012
(sponsored by Hanwell Instruments Ltd)

Curiouser and Curiouser: Challenging Conventions and Celebrating the Unusual
28-30 March 2011
(supported by AHRC and the School of Museum Studies)

Materiality and Intangibility: Contested Zones
14-15 December 2009
(funded by the AHRC)

Material Culture, Identities and Inclusion
9-10 February 2006
(funded by the AHRC)

Museological Review
Conference proceedings and other papers available:


PhD-Curated Exhibitions

September 2013 – February 2014 Museum Metamorphosis

September 2012 – February 2013 Μουσείον: artists’ reflections on museums

March 2011 – Apocalypse Then with artistic interventions by Helen Saunderson and text by Dan O’Donnell-Smith
PhD Organised Workshops and Events

Dragon’s Den, Leicester Arts & Museums Service (arranged with Matthew Constantine)
13 November 2013

Creative Evaluation workshop, led by Rosie Marcus (CAPE UK)
11 October 2013

Μουσείον Creative Symposium, led by artists Karl and Kimberley Foster (hedsor), Yvette Hawkins, Hazel Jones, Dawn Felicia Knox and Lyndall Phelps
5 December 2012


PhD Study Visits

Connecting with Collections Symposium, University of Cambridge
27 September 2013

Manchester Museum (Henry McGhie)
17 April 2013

MIRIAD, Manchester Metropolitan University (Professor Jim Aulich and Dr Myna Trustram)
17 April 2013

Green’s Mill and Science Centre, Nottingham
29 March 2011 (study visit for Curiouser and Curiouser delegates)


Visiting Speaker Events

Elaine Heumann-Gurian, 7 November 2013
Sharon Heal, Editor, Museums Journal, 4 July 2013
Ethan Lasser and Corinne Zimmermann, Harvard Art Museum, 19 March 2013
Dr Lynne Teather (first PhD student to graduate) 16 June 2011

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