Completed PhD research 1983 to date

PhD students make a major contribution to our research profile. They come all over the world and they research and write about museums from all over the world. Many of them have gone on to become professors and leading academics in a range of disciplines. Others are senior museum professionals. The following list includes current and past research students, their projects (and supervisors):


Victoria Hollows. 2018. Trust in the Museum: aligning the internal and external values of the organisation (Janet Marstine)

Anna Mikhaylova. 2018. Spatial Evolution of a Museum Building: the case of the State Historical Museum in Moscow (1875-1997) (Suzanne MacLeod)


Brenda Judith Caro Cocotle. 2017. University museums: border-crossing territories? The institutional boundary between university and university museum as complex territories (Simon Knell)

Laura Diaz. 2017. Feminist Curatorial Interventions in Museums and Organisational change: Transforming the Museum from a Feminist Perspective (Janet Marstine)

Marin Freya Hanson. 2017. Quilts In Between: The Material Culture of Commemorative Community Patchwork Made for Chinese Adoptees in the U.S. (Sandra Dudley)

Ching-Yueh Hsieh. 2017. Exhibiting Minority Culture: An Exploration of Exhibitions of lndigenous Culture in Museums of Taiwan (Richard Sandell)

Ryan Nutting. 2017. Model Lives: The changing Meanings of Miniature Ethnographic Models from Acquisition to Interpretation at the Horniman Free Museum 1894-1898 (Sandra Dudley)

Plumb, S. (2017) How might the experiences and perspectives of community participants collaborating in socially engaged art practices be heard, considered and equally valued alongside those of the artist and gallery? What ethical implications for the artist and the gallery arise when community participants’ experiences are considered in this way? (Richard Sandell)

Stefania Savva. 2017. The Potential of a Museum-School Partnership to Support Diversity and Multiliteracies-Based Pedagogy for the 21st Century (Viv Golding)

Cheng-Yi Shih. 2017. Museum Making in Taiwan: Exploring the Production of Museum Architecture from the Perspective of Design and Use (Suzanne MacLeod)


Kathleen Pirrie Adams. 2016.  Media Becomes Form: Declining conventions of materiality, space, and audience in the popular music museum (Ross Parry)

Mona Ali. Rethinking Visitor Studies for the United Arab Emirates: Sharjah Museums as Case Study (Sheila Watson)

Laurel Louise Brierly. 2016. Recreating Revolutionary Roles: How Preadolescent Students Explore the Boston Tea Party through Theater (Viv Golding)

Romina Delia. 2016. Life is a Play and the Museum is its Stage: Contemporary Immersive Performance in the Baroque Palace (Simon Knell)

Haitham Abdelrazek Eid. 2016. The museum innovation model: a museum perspective on open innovation, social enterprise and social innovation (Ross Parry)

Petrina Foti. The 'Black Box Conundrum': Agile curation at the Museums of the Smithsonian Institution 2016. (Ross Parry)

Catharina Hendrick. The Agile Museum: organisational change through collecting ‘new media art’ (Janet Marstine)

Amy Hetherington. Designing for the Post-Millennials: What assumptions are made by staff in museums about child digital literacy when designing digital interactives? (Ross Parry)

Kirstin James. 2016. Gifting culture: comparing display practice at the British Museum and the Pitt Rivers Museum (Sandra Dudley)

Da Kong. Imaging China: China’s cultural diplomacy through loan exhibitions to British museums (Simon Knell)

Shih-hui Li. 2016. New national history and the shaping of Taiwanese identity: representing Taiwan at the National Museum of Taiwan History (Simon Knell)

Chungju (Ahlua) Lin. Special exhibitions and national museums in Taiwan: an investigation (Richard Sandell)

Cintia Velazquez. Uderstanding the past in the history museum. Visitr research in two Mexican Museums (Sheila Watson)

Elena Villaespesa Cantalapiedra. 2016. Measuring Social Media Success: The value of the Balanced Scorecard as a tool for evaluation and strategic management in museums (Ross Parry)

Alexandra Woodall. 2016. Sensory engagements with objects in art galleries: material interpretation and theological metaphor (Sandra Dudley)


Stephanie Bowry. Re-thinking the Curiosity Cabinet: A Study of Visual Representation in Early and Post Modernity (Simon Knell)

Jennifer Jankauskas. Acquiring contemporary art in today’s global market: collecting strategies at small, mid-sized and regional American museums (Suzanne MacLeod)

Elee Kirk. 2015. Crystal teeth and skeleton eggs: snapshots of young children’s experiences in a natural history museum. (Viv Golding) 

Sang Hoon Jang. A representation of nationhood: the National Museum of Korea. 2015.  (Simon Knell)

Ashraf Melika. 2015. Pharonic material Culture and identity formation in contemporary Egyptian society (Sandra Dudley, Simon Knell)

Masanori Oki. 2015. A comparative study of professional association in the museum sectors of Britain and Japan. (Simon Knell)

Geun-tae Park. 2015. The role of cultural development in urban strategy: the Hub city of Asian Culture in Gwangju, Korea.(Lisanne Gibson)

Chulani Rambukwella. 2015. Heritage representation in culturally diverse societies : a case study of the Colombo National Museum in Sri Lanka. (Sandra Dudley)

Briley Rasmussen. 2015. Pedagogy for the modern: Victor D'Amica and the Museum of Modern Art, 1929-1969 (Suzanne MacLeod)


Mette Houlberg. 2014. Negotiating experiences visiting statens museum for kunst. (Viv Golding)

Maria Tseliou. 2014. Museums and heteronormativity : exploring the effects of inclusive interpretive strategies. (Richard Sandell)

Helen Wilkinson. 2014. Negotiating change : curatorial practice in UK museums, 1960-2001 (Simon Knell)


Jeremy Ottevanger. 2013. Sustaining digital products in the museum sector: Balancing value and resources through good decisions. (Ross Parry).

Rothermel, Barbara Ann. 2013. The university art museum and interdisciplinary faculty collaboration (Suzanne MacLeod).

Jennifer Binnie. 2013. Perception and well being: A cross-disciplinary approach to experiencing art in the museum (Sandra Dudley).

Alan M Kirwan. 2013. Museums in the construction of a diverse and inclusive Ireland (Richard Sandell).

Heather Hollins. 2013. How can disabled people be empowered to influence decision-making in museums (Richard Sandell).

Serena Iervolino. 2013. Ethnographic Museums in Mutation Experiments with Exhibitionary Practices in Post/Colonial Europe. (Richard Sandell). 

Afshan Heuer. 2013. Darwin and the Evolution Revolution: Audiences, Culture, Worldview, Transformative learning (Viv Golding)

Andrew Wulf. 2013. Make-believe America: the crucial years of US cultural diplomacy through international exhibitions, 1955-1975 (Simon Knell).

Gudrun Whitehead. 2013. How the Viking myth is created in museums and how it impacts society (Sheila Watson).

Jennifer A. Walklate. 2013. Timescapes : the production of temporality in literature and museums (Simon Knell).

Donna McFarlane. 2013. Representing Blackness: Marcus Garvey and the politics of museology in post-colonial Jamaica (Viv Golding).


Ceri Jones. 2012. An illusion that makes the past seem real: the potential of living history for developing the historical consciouness of young people (Sheila Watson). 

Julia Petrov. 2012. Dressing Ghosts: Museum Exhibitions of Historical Fashion in Britain and North America. (Sandra Dudley).

Alex Whitfield. Digital Ethics. Sacred devotional objects on display in the online museum. 2012. (Ross Parry, Sandra Dudley)


Cristina Lleras Figueroa. 2011. Towards new narratives of the multicultural nation: negotiating difference in the national museum of Columbia (Richard Sandell).

Yuka Shimamura-Willcocks. 2011. Social inclusion and museums: understanding self and other in the context of Japanese society and visually impaired people (Eilean Hooper-Greenhill, Sheila Watson). 

Sarah (Sally) A. Hughes. 2011. Museum publishing: production and reception of museum books (Richard Sandell).


Susan D. Baldino. 2010. Museum learners club: social environments for inclusive learning (Richard Sandell).

Amy Jane Barnes. 2010. From revolution to commie kitsch : (re)-presenting China in contemporary British museums through the visual culture of the cultural revolution (Simon Knell).


Magnus Gestsson. 2009. Commercial galleries in Copenhagen, London and Reykjavik : a comparative study of the formations, contexts and interactions of galleries founded between 1985 and 2002 (Simon Knell).

Kouros Samanian. 2009. Investigation of environmental factors causing the deterioration of Safavid period murals Iran (1501-1736 AD) (Ann Brysbaert).

Anna Woodham. 2009. Museums visiting and social inclusion: the geography of school visits to museums. (Martin Phillips (geog) and Lisanne Gibson) 


Wing Yan (Vivian) Ting. 2008. Communicating Chinese ceramics : a study of material culture theory in selected museums in Britain (Sandra Dudley).

Jeanette C. Atkinson. 2008. Learning to respect: the perspectives of heritage professionals in Aotearoa New Zealand. (Sandra Dudley)

Lena Maculan. 2008. Researching podcasting in museums : can new broadcasting models of publication make art more accessible? (Ross Parry).


Amad M. Ajaj. 2007. The historical development of university museums in Jordan (1962-2006) : objectives and perspectives ; case studies of archaeology museums at the Jordan and Yarmouk Universities (Simon Knell).

Theopisti Stylianou-Lambert. 2007. Perceiving the art museum: investigating visitation and non-visitation in Cyprus and abroad (Richard Sandell)

Dimitra Zapri. 2007. An ecological examination of young children's museum-related perceptions: a Greek case study.(Eilean Hooper-Greenhill). 

Jeong-eun Lee. 2007. Behind the scenes at the new National Museum of Korea: an investigation of the museum's role in constructing notions of Korean national identity. (Richard Sandell)


Vasiliki Tzibazi. 2006. Researching primary school children's "museum theatre" experiences (Eilean Hooper-Greenhill).  

Anna Catalani. 2006. Yoruba religious material culture and the Yoruba diaspora : an investigation into the relationship between Yoruba people in Britain and Yoruba religious material displayed in British museums (Susan Pearce).

Yung-Neng Lin. 2006. Admission charges, the representative audience and public museums (Richard Sandell).

Konstantinos Arvanitis. 2006. Everyday media for everyday meanings : interpreting archaeological monuments in the streets of a Greek city (Ross Parry).


Bruce A. Campbell. 2005. The battle of the sites: a national museum for Wales (Simon Knell).

Anastasia Filippoupoliti. 2005. Ojects of culture: collections of science and technology, 1800-18805. (Simon Knell)

Katerina Gioftsali. 2005. Families visiting museums as communities of learners : a case study.(Eilean Hooper-Greenhill). 

Yupin Chung. 2005. Motivations, attitudes and loyalty : towards a pricing strategy model for Taiwanese museums (Richard Sandell)

Hui-Jong Hsieh. 2005. Government policies and fine arts museums in Taiwan : the impact of government policies on museum personnel and finance (Richard Sandell).

Koni C. Kim. 2005. Korea as seen through its material culture and museums (Susan Pearce).


Jemima W. Fraser. 2004. Museums, drama, ritual and power a theory of the museum experience (Eilean Hooper-Greenhill). 

Shmuel Meiri. 2004. The museology of dinosaurs: in search of the authentic museum dinosaur (Simon Knell).


Julia Cordova-Gonzalez. 2003. Interpretation of the ancient past in a museum of archaeology: San Miguel de Azapa Museum of Arcaheology, Arica, Chile. (Eilean Hooper-Greenhill)

Hadwig Kraeutler. 2003. Otto Neurath - museum and exhibition work : spaces (designed) for communication (Eilean Hooper-Greenhill).

Chia-Li Chen. 2003. Learning recollection and connection : a study of cultural identities amongst visitors to local museums in Taiwan (Richard Sandell).

Tracy (Yi Chun) Tsai. 2003. Teacher agenda and teacher museum experience : a comparative study of England and Taiwan  (Eilean Hooper-Greenhill).

Alice Semedo. 2003. The professional museumscape : Portuguese poetics and politics.(Sue Pearce)


Nicola Clayton. 2002. Folk devils in our midst: challenging the modernist museum paradigm (Susan Pearce).

Sérgio Lira. 2002. Museums and temporary exhibitions as means of propaganda : the Portuguese case during the Estado Novo (Simon Knell).

Denis Lavoie. 2002. Commemoration of national heritage: institutional practices and legitimising strategies. (Eilean Hooper-Greenhill)


Su-liang Tseng. 2001.The art market, collectors and art museums in Taiwan since 1949 (Simon Knell).


Vivien M. Golding. 2000. New voices and visibilities at the museum frontiers (Eilean Hooper-Greenhill).

John C Carter. 2000. The evolution of museums as centres for learning: chapters in Canadian museology (Eilean Hooper-Greenhill).

Hsiao-Ying Tseng Chang. 2000. To view two views : a case study of cross-cultural communication in museum exhibitions. (Eilean Hooper-Greenhill)


Alexandra Bounia. 1998. The nature of collecting in the Classical world : collections and collectors, c.100 BCE - 100 CE (Susan Pearce)


Miriam Lisa Clavir. 1997. Preserving what is valued : an analysis of museum conservation and first nations perspectives (Susan Pearce).

Paul K. Martin. 1997. Contemporary popular collecting in Britain: the socio-cultural construction of identity at the end of the second millennium AD (Susan Pearce).

Ibramsha Yahya. 1997. Museum learning, the museum visitor, the museum visit (Eilean Hooper-Greenhill). 

Theano Moussouri. 1997. Family agendas and family learning in hands-on museums (Eilean Hooper-Greenhill). 

Maria Mouliou. 1997. The "writing" of classical archaeology in post-war Greece (1950 to the present); the case of museum exhibitions and museum narratives (Susan Pearce). 


Pedro Júlio Enrech Casaleiro. 1996. Origins, public perceptions and future directions of the National Museum of Natural History in Portugal.

Raj Vardhan Kaushik. 1996. Effectiveness of Indian science centres as learning environments : a study of educational objectives in the design of museum experiences (Eilean Hooper-Greenhill)


Carol E. Mayer. 1995. Metaphors and ways of seeing : a study of the permanent exhibition. 


Nancy Einreinhofer. 1994.The paradox of the American art museum.

Margarida Dias Lima de Faria. 1994. Amusement without excess and knowledge without fatigue: modern transformations of the museum experience.

Gaby Porter. 1994. Studies in gender and representation in British history museums. (Eilean Hooper-Greenhill)

Terry MacLean. 1994. Research and development at the Fortress of Louisbourg national historic site, 1961-1981: a Canadian model for heritage preservation, interpretation and public history. 


Yiao-hwei Chuang. 1993. An investigation into the exhibition of Buddhist objects in British museums.

Andromache Gazi. 1993. Archaeological museums in Greece (1829-1909): the display of archaeology (Susan Pearce). 

Jesús-Pedro Lorente. 1993. Museums for nineteenth century art? A socio-historical study of the creation of galleries of modern art before World War I and their legacy (Susan Pearce). 


Yui-Tan (Francis) Chang. 1992. The development of biological collections : Taiwan - an analysis and evaluation (Geoff Stansfield).

Maria de Lourdes Parreiras Horta. 1992. Museum semiotics: a new approach to museum communication.


Sonja Tanner-Kaplash. 1989. The common heritage of all mankind : a study of cultural policy and legislation pertinent to cultural objects (Geoffrey Lewis).

Aviva Barnea. 1989. The museum as a setting for new learning (Eilean Hooper-Greenhill).

Lee Elizabeth Jolliffe. 1987. Municipal museums in Canada: contemporary directions.

Lynne Teather. 1983. Museology and its traditions: the British experience, 1845-1945. Lynne was our first PhD graduate.  (Sue Pearce)

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