Zheng Zhang

Email: zz112@le.ac.uk


First supervisor: Janet Marstine

Second supervisor: Viv Golding


Research interest/area

The issue of repatriation has been evoking enormous controversies within a global context for centuries. It is a complicated process which related to legal, political, economic, ethical and cultural issues. In the specific context of China and Japan, Sino-Japanese repatriation is complex and thus full of challenges. Under this circumstance, my research is focused on the repatriation of cultural objects from Japan to China, exploring Sino-Japanese repatriation in the context of China. With this topic, most Chinese scholars are inclined to rely on government-led diplomatic cooperation, international conventions or commercial repurchase. However, the role of museums and museum ethics has been ignored in the repatriation process.

In order to learn the Sino-Japanese repatriation, I will look at theories and modes of indigenous repatriation in other countries such as the United States, Australia and New Zealand. As a project which specifically conducts in the Sino-Japanese context, it mainly studies the ethical engagement of museums in Sino-Japanese repatriation, trying to analyse potential ethical approaches and the application of museum ethics in the process. I will also attempt to explore a win-win situation by cooperation and negotiation between various participants in the process of repatriation, which could help establish a mutual respect, mutual understanding and reciprocal relationship between them.

In addition, my research concerns more the role of museums and how museum ethics and the Sino-Japanese repatriation could impact and promote each other, regarding legislation and international conventions as supplementary approaches, and thus provides a new direction to move Sino-Japanese repatriation forword.


Academic Award

2008-2012               Hubei Institute of Fine Arts, Wuhan, China

B.A. in Art Management

Thesis: The research of art market in Wuhan: A case study of Hubei Chengxing Auction Ltd. Company


2012-2014               Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

M.A. in Identification and Restoration of Cultural Relics

Thesis: A study of mu-shaped eye in human/animal-shaped jades in Shang dynasty

(Mu-shaped eye is one of the most typical jade decorations in Shang dynasty, which was widely used in human and animal shaped jades in this period.)


2014-                       University of Leicester

Ph.D candidate in Museum Studies (School of Museum studies)


Professional Experience

2010    Volunteer of the exhibition from the collections of the Uffizi Gallery in Hubei Provincial Museum

2011    Teaching assistant of the English training courses of the Eighth Batch of Chinese Medical Team

2013    Internship in Liangzhu Museum and the Liangzhu work station of Zhejiang Provincial Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology



Zhou, Y.M.& Zhang, Z. (2013) The Research of Art Market in Wuhan: A case study of Hubei Chengxin Auction Ltd. Company, China: Hubei Social Sciences, 12(3), pp. 59-62.

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