Torhild Skåtun

Co-designing with young people at a science musuem - a qualitative study of process. From the autumn of 2016 until spring 2020 a collaborative partnership has been established with youths from 16 to 19 years, a cross professional team at Norwegian Museum of Science and Technology, an external museum researcher from Oslo Met, university students and children aged 10-13. All in all, 22 people have been involved in this qualitative study of a co-design process.
Torhild Skatun

As a senior museum pedagouge at a science museum, I have considerable experience in organizing, developing and facilitating programs for the school sector, family groups, prison inmates and elderly people with dementia. I have used collaboration in different ways both as a central feature of the activity itself, and while developing programs together with health professionals, teachers and the prison school services. I have often challenged the transmission model and facilitated for dialogue as I could see that collaborative processes and activities engaged people. This practice based PhD consist of three academic papers, of which one is published, one professional paper and a podcast:

I work at the Norwegian Museum of Science and Technology in Oslo. In my museum practice I have developed learning and experience programs for small children, family groups, pupils and elderly people with dementia. Some programs have involved digital media whereas others have revolved around museums objects and exhibitions. In February 2014, I completed my Master of Arts in Learning and Visitor studies at the University of Leicester. My dissertation investigated the potential of museum and prison collaboration. It explored how several Norwegian museums adapted their learning programs for inmates of Oslo Prison. The research’s main objective was to look more closely at how museum professionals experienced there role of museums in society through participating in the Museum in Prison-project.


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