Thomas Duncan


Research interest/area

My research looks at how the contemporary museum master plan can combine the spatial qualities of the architecture and built environment with the experiential and storytelling qualities of the museum experience. It investigates how relevant the narrative aspects of the planning process are and how these can be developed together with spatial planning and learning concepts at an early stage in the design process. Linked to this, and drawing on recent practical experience, the research examines the benefits of collaboration between a professional design studio and an academic institution in carrying out a master plan project. The research draws upon contemporary thinking about learning in museums, contemporary theorisations of the museum visit as a narrative experience and theorisations of architecture and film as a means to analyse and structure the spatial and time based qualities of the visitor experience.

Academic/career achievements

M. Phil, Architecture and the Moving Image, University of Cambridge

Diploma in Architecture with Comendation in Design, University of Sheffield

Bachelor of Architecture BA (Hons) 2.1, University of Sheffield


“A narrative journey: creating storytelling environments with architecture and digital media” (with Noel McCauley), in: Suzanne Macleod, Laura Hourston Hanks & Jonathan Hale (eds.): Museum Making. Narratives, Architectures, Exhibitions, Routledge, pp. 288–297.

“Staging Emotional Environments” (with Noel McCauley), in: Gerhard Kilger (ed.): Szenografie in Ausstellungen und Museen V: Raum und Wahrnehmung/Bewegte Räume, Klartext, pp. 308–315.

Awards, Professional Memberships and Organisations.

Founding partner of the studio Duncan McCauley

Member of the Berlin Chamber of Architects

Member of ICOM



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