Stefania Zardini Lacedelli

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The museum as a platform for sound culture

First supervisor: Dr Ross Parry, University of Leicester

Second supervisor: Dr Giasemi Vavoula, University of Leicester

Third supervisor: Dr Sheila Watson, University of Leicester

I am a Midlands3Cities PhD student, AHRC funded.


The purpose of my research is to explore the museum as a platform for sound culture. I investigate the role that sound culture could have in the transformation of museum conceptualization in the post-digital age, a moment when digitality is becoming increasingly assimilated as an integral part of some organizational structures and development. In particular, I assume that sound culture and the contemporary sonic practices can be a catalyst for the adoption of a new platform model that is acting on museums as both metaphor, organizational structure and business model. This investigation addresses two main different challenges that contemporary museums are facing: (1) the embrace of sound culture, a broad concept that include sonic elements in the collection and in the design of cultural experiences, and that has always been underrepresented in a predominantly visual and material system; (2) the evolution of museum conceptualization, that started to change with the digital revolution and the emergence of the participatory turn and, in a post-digital context, is ready to mature into a new paradigm around the model of ‘platform’. Both issues require the museum to change not only at practical level – introducing new spaces, practices, processes of cultural production – but also at ontological level – introducing a rethinking of what museums are, why they exist and how they conceive heritage. The traditional museum conceptualization - a physical institution devoted to the collection and display of objects of material culture – struggles both to accomodate sound culture and to embrace the post-digital age. The aim of the research is to demonstrate how platform can be not only the new paradigm of the 21st century museum, but also the form by which it can evolve in a place for sound – and not only visual - culture.



Professional Experience

  • I coordinate a one-year research project (February 2019-June 2020) for the Dolomites UNESCO Foundation, aimed to explore the opportunity for the creation of a network of the Dolomites Museums and to develop a common digital strategy.
  • From December 2017 to December 2018 I was the Teaching Coordinator of the Course “Museums and new digital cultures” promoted by the Veneto Region. The aim of the course was to guide 120 museum professionals coming from 34 cultural organizations in the adoption of new digital practices and in the development of digital skills and digital thinking throughout all levels of the organization: from top management and curatorial teams to communication and educational departments. Throughout the course, I guided museum professionals in creating five new multimedia tours on the izi.TRAVEL app, a theatrical radioguide in collaboration with the Theatre Production Center La Piccionaia, virtual exhibitions and online collections.
  • I was Researcher Collaborator at the Department of Management, University of Venice for a 6-months research project (January-June 2018) aimed to develop a digital and network strategy for the Civic Museums in Treviso. Within this project, I founded the 'Ambassadors' community: a group of students, researchers, young volunteers of the museums that, through the use of digital platforms, open new virtual doors to interact with museums' collection.
  • I am the Dolomites Ambassador of Invasioni Digitali, a cultural movement aimed to promote the digital involvement of public and the development of new participatory forms of cultural narratives all over the world. In this role, I have been the consultant of a group of museums and cultural institution in the ideation of 25 digital participatory activities in the Dolomites area (the events are described and collected on the website of the Virtual Museum of Dolomites).
  • I am the co-founder of DOLOM.IT, a virtual participatory museum dedicated to the Dolomites landscape co-created by communities adopting the platform-model.
  • I am the co-founder of ADOMultimedia Heritage, a lab aimed to foster innovation in the museum field by developing new tools to experience cultural heritage in the digital age.
  • I launched and directed for four years (2011-2015) the Educational Departments of the Educational Departments the Mario Rimoldi Modern Art Museum, the Palaeontological museum and the Ethnographic museum in Cortina d'Ampezzo. To further improve the online accessibility, I developed a digital network strategy and a multimedia platform based on my Master thesis.



2011 – 2015: Master’s Degree in Economics and Management of Arts and Cultural Activities, Ca' Foscari University

2014: Visiting scholar at the Department of Media Arts and Sciences, Duke University (NC) thanks to a scolarship won through the Globalization Program of Venice International University. Under the supervision of Dr Victoria Szabo, Program Director of the Information Science + Information Studies Lab, I developed a digital model - the MQUADRO platform - in order to extend the museums online accessibility and to improve the participation of public in the co-creation of content.

2016-2011: Degree in Techniques of the Performing Arts, Ca' Foscari University, Venice

Public engagement and Conferences

For a detailed description of my public engagement activities, see my M3C profile on VPP.

  • I presented digital participatory practices as one of the invited speakers at the event dedicated to digital transformation of museums, organized within the European Project M.U.S.A. at Link Campus University
  • I presented the research paper Digital platforms ‘without a cause’: why the impact on a museums’ organization should not be taken for granted at the International Conference on Arts and Management (June 2019, Venice). The paper, written with other two authors, investigates the impact of the introduction of new digital platforms on the museum’s organizational culture through the case study of the Civic Museums in Treviso.
  • I was one of the invited speakers at the conference 'Digital Communication: challenges and best practices' organized by ICOM Italy at the Science Museum in Trento on 4th March 2019.
  • I co-organized the public consultation Steering the school towards active citizenship and a new definition of intangible and immaterial heritage in the digital era promoted by the DiCultHer network, by managing the involvement of European students and educational professionals through a dedicated Questionnaire.
  • MQUADRO: a platform model for museums. Lesson on digital sharing practices to the Master students in the course of Creative Development at the Ca' Foscari University, Venice (July 2016)
  • I presented MQUADRO: a platform model for cultural heritage as one of the speakers in the panel Digital Cultural Heritage as Public Humanities Collaboration at 104th CAA Annual Conference, Washington (February 2016)
  • I was one of the speakers in the Open Knowledge and Open Arts Workshop at the University of Catania (February 27th, 2016). I presented a music-sharing model of crowdsourcing in museums.
  • I presented the multimedia platform that I developed through a research project in collaboration with Venice International University and Duke University (NC) for the Mario Rimoldi Modern Art Museum. The project is mentioned as a case study in Lanzoni, Kristin Huffman; Mark James-Vrooman Olson; and Victoria E. Szabo, Wired! and Visualizing Venice: Scaling up Digital Art History. Artl@s Bulletin 4, no. 1 (2015)

Other Research Interests

  • Platforms for Sound culture
  • Digital transformation
  • Participatory processes in the cultural field

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