Pal Negyesi


Dr. Ross Parry

Simon Knell


Research interest/area

How the motor museum saw the motorcar in the 20th century?

Curating the automobile as commodity, as design and as social history in Germany between 1913 and 2013.

Academic/career achievements

BA, Librarian Science, Dept of Arts, ELTE University, Budapest, Hungary, 1997

BA, Communications Expert, Dept of Arts, ELTE University, Budapest, Hungary, 1999

Lecturer at the Bánki Donát Dept at the Óbuda University in Budapest, Hungary since 2010




Cars made in Hungary since 1945.Il Camello, 2012.More details

Weirdly awesome microcars of Hungary

The Beaulieu Encyclopedia of the Automobile. Routledge, 2001. Contributor in Hungarian

And a couple of books in Hungarian, not to mention 200+ articles :)

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