Kuan-Yin (Ann) Liu


Research area

This research aims to explore the specific organisational culture of contemporary art spaces in Taiwan (abbr. CASIT). It does not consider Chinese organisations, but, rather, looks at the idea of collaboration through CASIT. CASIT are mostly reused industrial heritage spaces or historical sites which have been shaped by a specific cultural and historical context. If CASIT is a particular type of Taiwanese art organisation, how does Chinese organisational behaviour illustrate the specific organisational culture of CASIT?

In addition, Taiwan has shaped by other cultures including modern western culture as well. In this bi-cultural context, how does Chinese indigenous psychology describe Taiwanese organisational behaviour, while, at the meantime, Taiwan has also increasingly impacted from western culture? Also, this research draws on collaboration theory, a western discipline that evaluates the collaboration among different participants to cope with conflict and even actively achieve joint agreement. Based on Chinese indigenous psychology and collaboration theory, through CASIT collaborate with artists, explore the dynamics of harmony as the central of organisational culture in Taiwan society.


Dr. Janet Marstine
Dr. Ross Parry

Academic career

2007-2009    Master of Music, National Taiwan University of Arts, Taiwan
2003-2007    Bachelor of Music, National University of Tainan, Taiwan

Job Experience

2011-2014    Division Officer, Soulangh Cultural Park, Division of Cultural Park Management, Cultural Affairs Bureau of Tainan City Government, Taiwan
2010-2011    Student teacher of Music in Kaohsiung Municipal Wun Shan Senior High School, Taiwan
2009             Special Executive of the 2nd International Flute Festival in New Aspect Art Company, Taiwan (http://newaspect.org.tw/)

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