Kristina Dziedzic Wright

1st Supervisor: Professor Simon Knell

2nd Supervisor: Dr. Stacy Boldrick

PhD research:

Comparative case studies in Nairobi and Seoul examine how the arts reinforce and promote urban and national identity, engage diverse communities and foster cross-cultural interactions. Juxtaposing these two very different art worlds provides an opportunity to explore the shifting relationships and disjunctures between culture, politics and socioeconomic factors that characterise globalisation.

Professional experience:

Consultant on project to develop comprehensive collections management system, digitise the collections and curate related online exhibition, National Museum of Kenya, Nairobi, April 2017 - present

Assistant Teaching Professor, College English Program, Seoul National University, South Korea, March 2017 - present

Curatorial Consultant, From the “Functional City” to “Total Function”: Modern City Planning 1925-1971 at the Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism, 1 September – 5 November 2017

Assistant Professor, Global Language Education Office, Ewha University, Seoul, South Korea, March 2016 - February 2017

Lecturer, Department of Archaeology & Art History, Seoul National University, South Korea, March 2012 - March 2014

Co-curator, Sanaa ya Makaratasi ~ African Paper Art: Process, Environment & Substance, National Museum of Kenya, Nairobi, 2012

Curator, Under the Hot Sun: Views of Africa by Kenya’s Jua Kali Artists, Gail Borden Public Library, Elgin, Illinois,  2007 and Holland Area Arts Council, Holland, Michigan, 2008

Exhibits & Publications Coordinator, Graduate College, University of Illinois at Chicago, June 2004 - July 2015 (telecommuting from August 2008)

Co-Curator, Between Sound and Vision, Gallery 400, Chicago, Illinois, 2001

Curator, Art at Hull-House: Producing Hope and Building Communities, Montgomery Ward Gallery, University of Illinois at Chicago, 1999


Wright, K. (2019) 'The Museum as Classroom: Expanding the Boundaries of English Language Curriculum in Korea' in Academics, Artists, and Museums: 21st-Century Partnerships, ed. Irina D. Costache and Clare Kunny. Routledge

Wright, K. (2018) 'Review of Bryony Onciul, Michelle L. Stefano and Stephanie Hawke (eds), Engaging Heritage, Engaging Communities'. Museum and Society, Vol 15, No 3

Wright, K. (2016) 'North Korea on Display in Seoul: The NK Project and Imaginative Engagement through Art in the Twenty-First-Century Museum'. Museological Review, Issue 20

Wright, K. (2009) Art, Culture, and Tourism on an Indian Ocean Island: An Ethnographic Study of Jua Kali Artists in Lamu, Kenya. Lewiston, NY: Edwin Mellen Press

Wright, K. (2008) 'Cleverest of the Clever: Coconut Craftsmen in Lamu, Kenya'. Journal of Modern Craft, Vol I, Issue 3


M.A. Art History, University of Illinois at Chicago, 2005 (Thesis: ‘Ethnic Identities and Cultural Commoditization in the Jua Kali Art World of Lamu, Kenya’)

M.A. Language, Literacy and Rhetoric, University of Illinois at Chicago, 1998 (Qualifying paper ‘What’s art got to do with it? The role of the arts in teaching college composition’)

B.A. English, Colorado College, Colorado Springs, CO, 1993

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