Jingyu Peng

Contact: jp431@le.ac.uk


Prof. Ross Parry

Dr Giasemi Vavoula


Research Interest

Working title:‘How did that interactive make you feel? Designing a framework for evaluating the emotional and sensory experience of immersive in-gallery technology.’

Informed by the sensory turn in museum studies, this project is an intellectual exercise in exploring a different way of researching and analysing in-gallery digital media.

In the methodology level, the research aims to provide new museological lenses. It also offers a new framework to evaluate the effect of emerging digital media on human sensations and emotions in exhibition settings. The research attempts to move discussions away from traditional discourses around ‘learning’ and the ‘usability’ of technology, towards instead considerations of ‘sensation’ and ‘emotion’.

The application of emerging technology in museums requires us to understand the impacts of it. Therefore, in the conceptual level, the research examines emerging formats of new types of multi-sensory, multi-user and immersive digital interactives that are requiring museums to re-consider their approach to visitor evaluation.

In order to measure the impacts, this study takes three applications in the National Space Centre as examples of emerging in-gallery technologies. All applications are able to provide immersive, multi-sensory and multi-user experiences. Thus, at a practical level, the research aims to measure how these digital created environments engage different physical senses and influence visitors emotionally.


Academic Roles

Teaching Assistant at the School of Museum Studies, duties including:

  • Presentation marking and practice essay marking
  • Small group teaching
  • Reading group leader



Uchida, M. and Peng, J. (2019) ' Feeling the Exhibition: Design for an Immersive and Sensory Exhibition Experience ', in Drotner, K., Dziekan, V., Parry, R. and Schrøder, K.C. (eds.) The Routledge handbook of museums, media and communication. London; New York: Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, pp. 306-314.

Peng, J. (2019). ‘How Does This Exhibition Make You Feel? Measuring sensory and emotional experience of in-gallery digital technology with GSR devices’, in Cherry, R. and Proctor, N. (eds.) Museums and the Web 2019, Silver Spring, MD: Museums and the Web, pp, 247-260.


Academic Qualifications

2013-2014 – MA Museum and Artefact Studies, Durham University.

2009-2013 – BA Industrial Design, Beijing Technology and Business University.

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