James Shallow


I am interested in looking at the relationship between individuals and objects associated with conflict in domestic space.  My BA and MA dissertations explored in some detail various case studies which really represented just the tip of the possible response structures.  Some amazing insights, as well as the obvious heart-wrenching made me very sensible to the responsibility and privilege I was given by ordinary people.  The PhD is really an effort to see how far it is possible to understand human response in this particular field and to map out the parameters within which the interaction takes place, often not obvious to the individuals themselves.  I'm not looking for patterns and I am not concerned with 'community', (which already has clever people working on this), my interest is in the individual.  I wish I could tell you about my career achievements in this area and my published papers but alas these are still goals!  I feel rather humbled in the company of such clever people here at Leicester!


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