Eleni Ganiti


First supervisor: Dr Isobel Whitelegg

Second supervisor: Dr. Janet Marstine

Provisional thesis title: The Museum of Contemporary Art through its permanent collections

My thesis addresses the ‘museum of contemporary art’ by scrutinizing its permanent collections and by extension tackling the very definition of the term “contemporary art”. Taking into consideration the theories and definitions of contemporary art expressed by recent literature, my research sets out and explores questions that will contribute to the better understanding of this pluralistic institution. My thesis focuses in European public museums of contemporary art.

Work experience

2002- present: Curator at the National Museum of Contemporary Art (EMST), Athens, Greece

Research interests

Public museums of contemporary art. Contemporary art permanent collections, collection policies and practices. History and architecture of the museums of contemporary art. Contemporary art archives. The content and role of the archive in the museum of contemporary art. Documenting ephemeral works of art. Defining contemporary art.

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