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My PhD research, based on business evaluation models and taking into account the complexity of the Social Web and the particularities of the museum sector, aims to define a balanced evaluation model to measure the impact and value of museums on the Social Web.

Supervisor: Dr. Ross Parry


2010 - 2016: Ph.D. Museum Studies. University of Leicester, Leicester, United Kingdom.

2007 – 2008: Master’s Degree in Arts Management. University Carlos III, Madrid. Spain

2000 – 2005: Degree in Business Administration. University Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid. Spain

2003 – 2004: Erasmus exchange program. Paris IX Dauphine University. France

Professional Experience

As part of my PhD research I worked in the action research project led by Culture 24 ‘Let’s get real‘. Tate is the main case study for this research and as part of this collaboration I became a Tate Honorary Research Fellow 15-17.

I also work as Digital Media Analyst at the Metropolitan Museum of Art where I am responsible for establishing and overseeing an analytics program to monitor and assess departmental channels, platforms, and programs. I analyze, conduct user research, and develop timely reports to understand the fluctuations in data and identify trends and opportunities to optimize the museum’s digital platforms and programs. I am blogging about my work at The Met on the Digital Underground blog.

Previously I worked during five years as Digital Analyst at Tate producing website, mobile and social media metrics reports and co-ordinating surveys, to inform decision making with the aim of improving user journeys across different digital platforms. I wrote about this work on the Tate Digital blog and you can also find some templates and reports on the digital metrics pageBefore moving to London I worked at the Education and Research Department at the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum in Spain building a new website for the department, creating online learning resources and managing its social media activity.

Since 2015 I am Chair of the 'Data & Insights' Special Interest Group, Museum Computer Network.


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I write regularly about digital audience research and evaluation on the Tate Blog.

Conferences and courses

Museum Connections, Paris, January 2015, ‘Étude et analyse des publics du musée en ligne / Audience research and evaluation in the Digital Museum‘.

Svegliamuseo On Air: ‘Metrics, Metrics Everywhere! Which Are The Right Ones For Museums?‘. Webminar with Brian Alpert (Web Analytics & Search Engine Marketing Analyst).

Arts And Audiences, Reykjavik, October 2014, ‘Measuring digital engagement in the arts’.

Digital dimensions: University museums group annual conference, Bristol, June 2014, 'Postdigital communication: how can museums measure their impact and value on the social web'.

Public culture, museums and online communities seminar, King's College London, June 2014, 'Art touring along museum online communities'.

Cultural Value and the Digital: Practice, Policy and Theory conference, Tate, London, May 2014, 'Understanding and developing audiences through social platforms'. Presentation with Jen Ohlson, Tate Collectives Producer.

Rencontres Nationales Culture & Innovation, Paris 2014: 'Étude du musée numérique'.

Museum Computer Network, Montreal, November 2013: 'What can we learn from our users? Visitor feedback and social media'.

Museum Computer Network, Montreal, November 2013. Workshop with Brian Alpert (Web Analyst at the Smithsonian): 'Metrics, Metrics, Everywhere: Choosing the Right Ones for Your Website and Social Media'.

Interview with John Stack about digital strategy and evaluation in museums for musete.ch as part of the Johns Hopkins University Museum Studies graduate course, 'Internet Strategies'.

Course: Digital publishing in museums. Museus d'Olot. October 2013: 'Análisis de audiencias en el museo digital'

Let's get real 2 conference, Brighton, September 2013: 'Unpacking engagement case studies: Analytics at Tate'. Presentation with John Stack (Head of Digital Transformation at Tate).

Users, fans and followers: Engaging with museums, galleries and heritage via social media conference, Newcastle University, June 2013: '#thetanks @Tate'.

Festival of Postgraduate Research, University of Leicester, 'Analysis of the visitor experience in 140 characters'.

London Museum Group conference, May 2013: 'How and what to evaluate'

Museums & Heritage Show, London, May 2013: 'Evaluating a new dimension, audience research for the Tanks at Tate Modern'. Presentation with Sabine Kohler (Audience Research & Insight Manager at Tate).

Museums and the Web, Portland, April 2013: 'Diving into the Museum's Social Media Stream. Analysis of the Visitor Experience in 140 characters'.

Cultura y redes sociales. Nuevos modelos y desarrollos culturales, Universidad de Valladolid, April 2013: 'Análisis de la audiencia en tiempo real'.

Museums and Mobile VI conference, March 2013. 'A look at how users engage with Tate mobile apps' (presentation slides, video)

Museum Computer Network, Seattle, November 2012. Workshop with Brian Alpert (Web Analyst at the Smithsonian): 'Cutting through the fog: How to act on your museum's website and exhibition data'.

Culture Geek, London, September 2012. Presentation with Tijana Tasich: 'A journey of spreading the online metrics culture across Tate'.

Museum Next, Barcelona, May 2012. Presentation with Tijana Tasich: 'Telling stories with numbers'.

Museums and the Web, San Diego, April 2012. Presentation with Tijana Tasich (Senior Digital Producer at Tate): 'Making sense of numbers: A journey of spreading the analytics culture at Tate'.

Arte y un café, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, February 2012, 'El museo en la web social y su impacto en los visitantes'.

Let's get real, Bristol, September 2011. Talk table with Rachel Clements (MA in Innovation Management): 'Social media metrics toolkit'.

Course: 'EducaThyssen, online learning resources about art'. Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum, July 2011.

Workshop: 'How to create a wiki for a museum', Universidad Rey Juan Carlos I, July 2009.

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