Da (Linda) Kong


Da Kong.jpgResearch interest

My PhD research is about China's cultural diplomacy and its loan exhibitions to British museums. The aim of my extensive research project is to obtain a detailed sense of the relations between China's external cultural policy and Chinese museums' international partnership and their influence on each other. My interest is understanding how British and Chinese museums are working together to achieve benefits through exchange, particularly, how these exchanges can be more effective, and how they can operate to increase cultural understanding between these two countries.

Education & Qualifications

  • 2011-        PhD candidate, Museum Studies Research, University of Leicester

(Winner of the College of Arts, Humanities and Law, Postgraduate Fund 2012/13;

Chinese Students Award 2013 provided by the Great Britain China Centre )

  • 2010-2011 MA Museum Studies, University of Leicester

(Winner of the Open Scholarship Award for International Students 2010)

  • 2006-2010  Bachelor of History (Museology), Fudan University, Shanghai, China
    Scholarship winner for 3 years continually
    Awarded as one of the best graduate of Fudan University in 2010
  • 2007-2010    Diploma Diplomacy, Fudan University, Shanghai, China

Museum Related Experiences

  • Jul. 2011 – Sep. 2011 Intern at the British Museum (exhibition evalution)
  • Mar. 2008 - Jun. 2010 Exhibition assistant at Fudan Philately Association
  • Jul. 2009 - Aug. 2009 Intern at the Liaoning Provincial Museum, China

Other Experiences

  • Aug. 2012 -                 Associate Tutor for the Careers Service at University of Leicester
  • Nov. 2011 – Mar. 2012 Secretary of the Museum Utopias Conference organized by the PhD community of the School of Museum Studies
  • Apr. 2007 – Apr. 2008  Leader of the research project Investigation and Evaluation of Historical Objects at Fudan University (Fudan’s Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program), which was awarded as one of the top three projects of that year by the Department of Cultural Heritage and Museology of Fudan University
  • Apr. 2009 – Apr. 2010 Conducting individual research project New Method to Delay the Yellowing of Epoxy Resin Adhesives Used in Ceramics Restoration (Hui-Chun Chin and Tsung-Dao Lee Chinese Undergraduate Research Endowment), and awarded as Chun-Tsung Scholar
  • Mar. 2008 – Jun. 2010 Assistant in the relics conservation and restoration team at the Department of Cultural Heritage and Museology, Fudan University
  • Aug. 2009                   Participant of the Yonsei- Keio-Rikkyo-Fudan Leadership Forum held in South Korea

Written Works & Publications

  • 'China's cultural diplomacy through loan exhibitions: The Search for Immortality:Tomb Treasures of Han China exhibition', presented at the Museum and Politics: ICOM Russia, ICOM Germany and ICOM USA Joint Conference, 11 September 2014, St Petersburg
  • (In Chinese)  'Museums' social responsibility in the UK', China Cultural Relics News, 6 January 2014, p.6, http://www.ccrnews.com.cn/plus/view.php?aid=50265
  • 'Living in Silk: Chinese Textiles Through 5000 Years', Exhibition Review, Modern Art Asia,Issue 11, August 2012, http://modernartasia.com/kong-11/

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