Cheng-yi Shih

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Research interest/area

My research interests, based on my education backgrounds (building and planning/ sustainable design) and past working experiences as a design researcher and exhibition maker, are related to the production of museum architecture and exhibition space with special focuses on both design process and space users’ participation and implication. By tackling on both physical space and historical making process, both designers’ approaches and users’ occupation of the space, I explore the multiple meaning and interpretation of museum architecture and exhibition space, which all look at how a meaningful (to whom?) and engaging (with whom?) museum/exhibition space were/ could be manifested from a certain period of time and social context. My PhD project is investigating case studies in Taiwan and sits in between urban studies, architecture, museum studies, and exhibition design. The research is partially sponsored by Study Abroad Scholarhsip of Ministry of Education, Taiwan, 2011.

Miscellaneous papers and reports

 1. Shih, C.Y., Exhibition Review on ‘Chien-Wei Chang, Don’t Look Back! I Told You So’ in Leicester New Walk Museum & Art Gallery, 11th February – 25th March’, Modern Art Asia, Issue 11, August 2012.

2. Shih, C.Y., Exhibition Review on ‘Bauhaus- Art As Life in Barbican Center, London’, ARTCO Magazine, Issue 239, August 2012. (In Mandarin)

3. Shih, C.Y., ‘Relieve Your Stress- An installation Inspired by the Ideas of Self-Care from Western and Chinese Medicine’. Master thesis in Design Academy Eindhoven, The Netherlands, 2006. Unpublished.

4. Shih, C.Y., ‘How Religious Space Changes Its Meaning-- The Space Production Process of Wang-Gong Temple in Er-Jie, Taiwan’. Master thesis in Graduate Institute of Building and Planning, National Taiwan University, Taiwan, 2003. Unpublished.

5. Shih, C.Y., ‘The Re-Interpretation and Re-Narration of Historical Space --An Example of Wan-Hua District in Taipei’ published on the 5th International Symposium for Environment-Behavior Studies, EBRA 2002, Shanghai, China. (In Mandarin)

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