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Professor Richard Sandell and Dr Sandra Dudley

Thesis title

Artefacts and the Socially Engaged Museum: A Material Perspective

Thesis description

The project aims to understand the role of artefacts in museums that seek to promote social inclusion. It will deal specifically with museums whose main purpose is to combat prejudice and encourage diversity. Museum practice has been increasingly concerned with the social agency and responsibility of museums, especially in the field of inclusion and diversity.

The research sets out to understand the social agency of museums, through a material culture lens offered by anthropological practice. By using this type of different approaches to materiality, my aim is to bring attention to the objects themselves, which seem to receive somewhat minor analysis in the study of museum education. The project will shed light on how the institutions convey their message of diversity and inclusion, by examining their educational activities as an all-inclusive system constituted by visitors, museum staff, and objects as potential catalysts of this message.


MSc in Visual, Material, Museum Anthropology, University of Oxford (2016-2017)

BSc in Anthropology, University College London (2013-2016)

Academic Roles

  • Teaching Support at the School of Museum Studies (Academic Literacies Support Group sessions, Writing Support Drop-in Sessions, Designing for Creative Lives)
  • Editorial Assistant for Museums and Activism (2018) edited by Richard Sandell and Robert Janes
  • Museological Review Editor (2018-2019), Issue 23
  • PGR Student Representative (2018-19)

Conference Presentations:

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