Ceciel Brouwer

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My research considers how museums in the UK can effectively negotiate the ethical and human rights issues involved in collecting and displaying contemporary photographs of children expressing bodily awareness, in light of the heightened sensitivity towards the protection of children. My overarching goal is to advance ethically-informed discourse and decision-making amongst museums and galleries to consider their responsibilities towards both underage subjects of photographs and freedom of speech. As part of my research, I have spoken with professionals in the UK, the US and the Netherlands about their experiences with these difficult issues.

My research is funded by AHRC Midlands3Cities.


Dr. Janet Marstine

Prof. Richard Sandell

Academic Awards

20012 - 2013 MA in Art Museum & Gallery Studies, University of Leicester - Distinction

2008 – 2012 BA Cultural Heritage/ Museum Studies, Reinwardt Academy, School of the Arts, Amsterdam

Academic/career achievements

I started my career in museums and galleries in the Netherlands, at Pulchri Studio, an art-society and artist-run gallery located in the centre of The Hague. I supported the Art Gallery and the 50 expositions a year by working with the many artists in organising exhibitions and public engagement programmes that reached out to the diverse communities of the city of The Hague. Prior to that, I gained experience at the Museumgroup, Leiden, a collaborative organisation supporting the city of Leiden's 7 museums and HOOP, a platform for young artists and musicians.

During the MA Museum Studies I came to understand truly collaborative museum practice at Hackney Museum in London. Working on Black History Season I supported two local guest-curators in consulting Hackney's community and building an exhibition shaped by local stories of migration, entrepreneurship and family.


2016:            Diversity and Equality Working Group

2016:            Project Researcher Equality Challenge Unit: Increasing diversity in Museum Studies, University of Leicester: recruiting students from underrepresented groups

2016:            Talk on Museum Ethics / Photography Ethics, Centre for Museology Brno, Czech Republic

2015 - 2016: Curator Joe Orton: Warning Content Uncensored, University of Leicester Library

2015 - 2016: Editor in Chief, Museological Review, Issue 20, University of Leicester

2015 - 2016: Mentor, Realising Opportunities Programme, University of Leicester

2015:            Educator Black History Month, University of Leicester

2014 - 2016: Teaching Assistant School of Museum Studies, University if Leicester

2014 - 2015: Student Representative, School of Museum Studies, University of       Leicester


Brouwer, C. (2016) Editor-in-Chief. Museological Review Issue 20, School of Museum Studies, University of Leicester. http://www2.le.ac.uk/departments/museumstudies/PhD-Students/museological-review-1

Brouwer, C. (2015) 'Between Art and Exploitation' in Index on Censorship https://www.indexoncensorship.org/art-law-commentary-ceciel-brouwer-between-art-and-exploitation/

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