Blanca Jove

Blanca Jove Alcalde


Creating a politically active, plural and critical public sphere: discursive programmes at contemporary art institutions

Thesis Description:

The goal of this study is to examine the social relationships produced by contemporary art institutions by focusing on the creation of socio-politically engaged public programmes. More specifically, I am interested in how contemporary art institutions create a public space for political discussion between staff and communities through discursive events, and in evaluating the extent to which these do actually effect public understanding of socio-political issues.

Accordingly, this project engages with the historical development of participatory practices in order to critically examine present conditions. It is especially concerned with the constitution of empowered platforms for people to come together, raise concerns, and find solutions. Its aim is to find new ways to establish art institutions which are both based on community participation and able to represent and integrate heterogeneous voices.

Other Research Interests:

Current Political Art, Political Public Programmes, Social Movements, Human Rights, Capitalisation of Arts



Dr Isobel Whitelegg – University of Leicester
Dr Amanda Earley – University of Leicester
Prof Pat Thomson – University of Nottingham

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