Blanca Jove

Blanca Jove Alcalde


Creating a politically active, plural and critical public sphere: discursive programmes at contemporary art institutions


Drawing on the concept of a non-state public sphere established by Paolo Virno, this research seeks to develop a framework for encouraging the conditions for socio-political public programmes. More specifically, it focuses on current discursive practices within the art institution in order to reconsider and reassess them as a way to create spaces for socio-political discussions, participation and allocation of agency.



‘Shared Learning In The Art Institution: Redefining Conceptions On Public Programmes’ at Free and Open Source Technologies, Arts and Commoning Practices, University of Nicosia, Cyprus.

Whose Public Programme is it?’ at Understanding Audiences for the Contemporary Arts: Audience Research in the Arts Conference, University of Sheffield, UK.


Reformulating the Art Space. Museu De Arte De São Paulo, Site For Social Activism’ at Identity, Belonging and Activism in the 21st Century, University of Nottingham, UK

Blurring the boundaries social empowerment of The Museu de Arte de São Paulo’ at Cultures of Participation, University of Aarhus, Denmark.

Discursive programmes at Contemporary Art Institutions’ at School of Museum Studies Research Week, University of Leicester, UK.

Arts, Culture and Heritage and the Everyday’ at Understanding Everyday Participation: Re-locating Culture, Value and Inequality, Manchester, UK.

Discursive Public Programmes at Contemporary Art Institutions’ Poster at M3C Research Festival, Birmingham, UK.



Dr Isobel Whitelegg – University of Leicester

Dr Amanda Earley – University of Leicester

Prof Pat Thomson – University of Nottingham


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