Blaire Moskowitz

Twitter: @blairemoskowitz


First Supervisor: Dr. Ross Parry

Second Supervisor: Dr. Giasemi Vavoula

Research Interests (General)

  • Web-based museum experiences
  • In-gallery digital technologies
  • Online communities and web culture

Research Interests (PhD thesis)

The internet provides a unique space and unprecedented opportunity for individuals to speak with each other and to form groups around specific topics of interest. I’ve identified an “Expert Web” where knowledgeable people are collaborating and coming together online in complex discussions about specific topics on social news, social media and forum sites.  Museums, despite offering content on their institutional Web pages and social media accounts, generally haven’t been active participants with this wider Expert Web. They stick to their own channels, even online.  My research raises the following questions: Is it possible that museums could recognize, acknowledge, and participate in the conversations that are already occurring online, within online expert communities, away from the museum’s established platforms and accounts? How could institutions leverage the knowledge of internet users? Will more direct interpersonal connections provide an opportunity for education, engagement, or outreach? And does the openness of the internet embrace a museum’s entry into topic-specific conversations?

I have chosen to conduct my research across American museums with diverse curatorial interests and within active Expert Web communities with similar interests:

  1. New York Botanical Garden // plant identification & photography communities
  2. Strong Museum of Play // gamer & My Little Pony communities
  3. MIT Museum // robotics & slide-rule communities
  4. Museum of the Moving Image // meme & political (alt-right) communities
  5. Field Museum // taxidermy & dinosaur communities


  • MA, Visual Arts Administration, New York University (USA)
  • BFA with high honors, Illustration & Art History, Rochester Institute of Technology (USA)

Professional Experience

  • American Museum of Natural History, Project Manager for Digital
  • New York Botanical Garden, Digital Interpretation
  • Antenna International, Marketing
  • Acoustiguide, Business Development
  • The Jewish Museum, Curatorial Publishing
  • The Morgan Library and Museum, Visitor Services
  • Internships: Whitney Museum of American Art, Museum of Modern Art, The Jewish Museum, Rubin Museum of Art, The Newark Museum

Publications and Presentations

  • "Exhibition Review of Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination at the Metropolitan Museum of Art". Museum Worlds, Summer 2018
  • "Will Losing Net Neutrality Kill the Digital Museum". June 2018
  • "The Potential for Interactions Between the ‘Expert Web’ and Museums". University of Leicester. June 2017
  • "Not Just for Kids: Playful Experience for All Visitors." Museum Computer Network Annual Conference. November 2016.
  • “Social Media in Museums” Guest lecture for Museums and the Digital Age course. Department of Museum Studies, Rochester Institute of Technology. October 2016.
  • "Cultural Inclusion and Exclusion." BBC World Service's Cultural Frontline. July 2016.
  • "Pokémon GO in Museums: Gotta Visit 'em All" MuseumHack Blog. July 2016. (reposted from personal website)
  • "Using Selfie Culture to Engage Audiences." American Alliance of Museums Annual Conference. May 2016.

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