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Thesis title

New perspectives on Art looting in World War II: The Allies and the illicit appropriation of objects from Italian museum collections

Thesis description

The purpose of the research project is to study the role that Allied troops played during the Second World War in the illicit appropriation of objects from Italian museum collections.

The project focuses especially on a study of the requisitions of museum buildings by Allied troops in Italy, and the subsequent illicit appropriation of artworks housed there; and on the role that the Monuments, Fine Arts & Archives Sub-Commission for Italy played in trying to prevent such illicit acts.

Because of its intrinsic link both to history and museum history, the research project is primarily based on an investigation of records preserved in historical archives of museums and cultural institutions located in Italy, the UK and the U.S.


Distance Learning PhD student, based in Bologna (Italy).

My research interests include: Provenance studies, Art looting in World War II, Preservation of cultural heritage during the two World Wars, Museums and restitution, The cultural biography of museum objects

Academic qualifications

MA in Cultural Heritage (Distinction), School of Arts and Humanities, University of Bologna – thesis title: ‘Il Museo Civico di Bologna sotto la direzione di Pericle Ducati (1921-1944)’

BA in Cultural Tourism, School of Languages, Literatures and Linguistics, University of Bologna – thesis title: ‘Tra stereotipi e realtà. Il Brasile nell’immaginario del turista’


2019 - ‘Fascismo e propaganda culturale. Le mostre come veicoli di fake news durante i conflitti armati e le dittature’, 7th International Doctoral Study Day of the RAHN (Rome Art History Network), Rome, Académie de France and Società Dante Alighieri

2018 – ‘Changing approaches for managing museum collections in wartime: The Civic Museum of Bologna’, International Conference ‘Planning for the unthinkable: protecting the national heritage sector’, London, Victoria & Albert Museum

2018 – ‘Did the Allies really do that? Allied troops and art lootings in Italy during WWII’, Cafe Research, Leicester, University of Leicester

2018 – ‘Assessing the war issue at the Civic Museum of Bologna, 1915-1945’, International Conference ‘Museums, Collections and Conflicts, 1500-2010’, MGHG Biennial Conference, London, National Maritime Museum

2018 – ‘Pericle Ducati museologo. Il Museo Civico di Bologna tra le due guerre mondiali’,International Conference ‘Musei in Europa negli anni tra le due guerre. La Conferenza di Madrid del 1934‘, Turin, Università di Torino and Politecnico di Torino

2017 – ‘Cronache dal Museo Civico di Bologna in tempo di guerra’, Bologna, Archaeological Museum

2017 – ‘L’Athena Lemnia durante la Prima e la Seconda Guerra Mondiale’, Conference ‘Visto da loro: Giovani ricercatori raccontano il museo’, Bologna, Archaeological Museum


2019 (in press) - Maqdala 1868‘. Reviewed in: Journal of Curatorial Studies 8 (1)

2018 – ‘Conflict & Culture: Preserving the Palagi Head in Wartime’, Frontier 5

2018 – Ritratti di Famiglia, the Archaeological Museum, Bologna’. Reviewed in: Museum Worlds 6 (1), pp. 151-154

2017 – Museums: A History, by John E. Simmons’. Reviewed in: Museum & Society 15 (3), pp. 343-345

2017 – ‘La salvaguardia dei beni di interesse storico-artistico durante la Prima Guerra Mondiale. Il caso esemplare del Museo Civico di Bologna’, Sibrium XXXI, pp. 257-294

2017 – ‘Best Practice in Museum Partnerships: Bologna and its museum networking’, Museological Review 21, pp. 8-22

2016 – ‘Pericle Ducati museologo. Il Museo Civico di Bologna tra il 1921 e il 1944’, Sibrium XXX, pp. 242-281

2014 – ‘The Civic Museum of Bologna during the Second World War’, Ocnus. Quaderni della Scuola di Specializzazione in Beni Archeologici 22, pp. 127-140


2019 - Emerging Writer Award, Journal of Curatorial Studies

Professional Memberships

ICOM – International Council of Museums


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