Ainul Wahida Radzuan


Dr. Sandra H. Dudley

Research Interest/ Area

My research is focusing on the roles of the intangible cultural heritage in Malaysia towards the Malays. I am studying specifically the customary law of adat perpatih of the Malays and try to find out how does the customary law of adat perpatih influenced the Malays especially their life and vice versa. My research also tries to examine the relevant mechanism in safeguarding of the customary law of adat perpatih.


MA, Social Sciences (Anthropology and Sociology), National University of Malaysia

Thesis: The Participation of Women in Playing Caklempong in Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia. - This research was about the participation of women in playing traditional Malay musical instrument, which is "caklempong" in Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia. The research was conducted to examine the trend of participation of women in playing caklempong from past years until now and determines the roles played by women in their group (caklempong band/group) as well as to figure out the constraints faced by them during their involvement in playing caklempong.

BA, Human Sciences (Sociology and Anthropology) (Honors), International Islamic University of Malaysia 

Professional Experiences

Teaching Assistant in Heritage Studies Department, UMK 

Mentor of NBOS7 (National Blue Asian Strategy) under the Ministry of Higher Education of Malaysia 

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