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The Jobs Desk is updated each Thursday afternoon. The deadline for entries is noon on the day of update.
The best method of sending in an advert is to use the Online Form. Advertising is free.

There will be no update on Thursday 25 November 2021
Christmas and New Year. The final update of 2021 will be 16 December 2021
The first update of 2022 will be 6 January 2022

F = full-time
C = contract (Ct)
I = Internship
T = Temporary
A = Award/Fellowship
PL = Parental Leave Cover
V = Volunteer
P = Part-time
The British Archaeological Jobs Resource has now provided an RSS jobs feed for all BAJR jobs.

All adverts for paid positions must show the salary or salary range.
Adverts for unpaid internships will not be accepted.

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