Wing Yan Vivian TING

Vivian TingAssociate Tutor

Vivian currently teaches courses in material culture, art curatorship and museum studies at the Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University. She trained as a historian at the Chinese University of Hong Kong where she developed an interest in the study of object and connoisseurship. This interest was developed during her Masters in Museum Studies at the University of Leicester. She became particularly interested in exploring communication and interpretation of material culture in cross-cultural context. Her PhD thesis was aimed at integrating traditional Chinese connoisseurship into interpretation of Chinese ceramics to cultivate a global vision of cultural appreciation in the exhibition context. Vivian also gained invaluable curatorial experience during her placements at the Museum of East Asian Art in Bath and the Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery where she had been involved in conducting research on Chinese collection and museum collecting policy, curating exhibitions and conducting workshops and talks.

Vivian has been involved in many curatorial projects, such as Re-Orientation: Heritage X Art X Design (2010, Hong Kong), UN•Earth: An Exhibition of Contemporary Ceramic Art from Taiwan, Hong Kong and Japan (2011, Hong Kong and Singapore), and LOUD: Mapping the Aesthetics of Visual Silence (2012, Kassel, Germany). In addition to her creative practices, her research focuses on culture consumption and the value of art to contemporary society.

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