Publications (Selected)

My writing has been translated into French, Spanish, Russian, Greek and Chinese, and includes archaeology, ethnoarchaelogy, ethnohistory, museum management, organizational change and the social responsibilities of museums as agents of the civil society.

Books and Monographs

1974 The Archaeology of Fort Alexander, NWT. Environmental-Social Committee,  Northern Pipelines, Task Force on Northern Development, Ottawa. Report No.  74-34. 108 pp.

1983 Archaeological Ethnography among Mackenzie Basin Dene. The Arctic Institute  of North America Technical Paper No. 28, Calgary. 124 pp.

1991 Preserving Diversity-Ethnoarchaeological Perspectives on Culture Change in the  Western Canadian Subarctic.  New York Garland Publishing Inc., 224 pp.  (Outstanding  Dissertation, Outstanding Dissertations on North American  Indians Series, American Museum of Natural History and Garland Publishing  Inc., 1990).

1995 Museums and the Paradox of Change.  Calgary: Glenbow Museum Publishing: 193 pp. (The Canadian Museums Association’s Outstanding Achievement Award for Museum Publications, 1996).

1997    Museums and the Paradox of Change.  Second Edition, Revised, 1997. Calgary:  Glenbow Museum and the University of Calgary Press,. 280 pp. (Alberta  Museums Association’s Award of Merit for Outstanding Achievement, 1996).

2009   Museums in a Troubled World: Renewal, Irrelevance or Collapse? Routledge: London and New York. 208 pp (Second printing – 2010).   See:

In press.  Museums in a Troubled World: Renewal, Irrelevance or Collapse? Chinese translations (both Traditional and Simplified characters) in press, Taipei, Taiwan: Fartering Culture Co.Ltd.

Edited Books and Monographs

1983 Janes, Robert R. and Charles D. Arnold (Co-editors).  Selected Papers of the  Symposium on Northern Archaeology, Canadian Archaeological Association.  Musk-ox, No. 33, Winter.

1985 Patterson, Margaret J., Charles D. Arnold and Robert R. Janes (Co-editors).  Collected Papers on the Human History of the Northwest Territories.  Occasional Papers of the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre, No. 1, Yellowknife, NWT, 167 pp.

1986 Bielawski, Ellen, Carolyn Kobelka and Robert R. Janes (Co-editors).  Thule  Pioneers, by C.D. Arnold.  Occasional Papers of the Prince of Wales Northern  Heritage Centre, No.2, Yellowknife, NWT, 110 pp.

1996 Janes, Robert R. (Editor for Anthropology).  Sir John Franklin's Journals and  Correspondence:  The First Arctic Land Expedition, 1819-1822.  Edited by  Richard C. Davis. Toronto: The Champlain Society, 463 pp.

2005 Janes, Robert R. and Gerald T. Conaty (Co-editors).  Looking Reality in the Eye: Museums and Social Responsibility. Calgary: The Museums Association of Saskatchewan and the University of Calgary Press, 196 pp. (third printing).

2007  Sandell, Richard and Robert R. Janes (Co-editors). Museum Management and   Marketing. London and New York: Routledge, 420 pp.


1982 Northern Museum Development: A View from the North.  Gazette (former journal of the Canadian Museums Association), Vol. 15, No. 1, pp. 14-23.

1983 Museums in the North.  In Planning Our Museums, edited by Barry Lord and Gail Dexter Lord, Museums Assistance Programme, National Museums of Canada, Ottawa, pp. 277-284. 

1987 Museum Ideology and Practice in Canada's Third World.  MUSE (Journal of the Canadian Museums Association), Vol. IV, No. 4, pp. 33-39.

1994a Beyond Strategic Planning:  The Glenbow Example.  In History News, Vol. 49, No. 4, July/August, pp. 19-24.

1994b Personal, Academic and Institutional Perspectives on Museums and First Nations.  The Canadian Journal of Native Studies, Vol. XIV, No. 1, pp. 147-156.

1995 Museums and the Paradox of Change.  Western Museums Association Newsletter (4), pp. 1-3.

1996a Concevoir pour l'avenir: les changements, en matière d'organisation et de formation, au Glenbow Museum.  Dans  Musées Gérer Autrement: Un Regard International, édité par Jean-Michel Tobelem, La Documentation Francaise, Paris, pp. 161-170.

1996b No pierda la serenidad: Los museos y el cambio organizativo.  Revista de  Museologia, No. 9, Madrid, Spain, p. 10-17.

1997 Don't Lose Your Nerve: Museums and Organizational Change. Museums for the New Millennium, Center for Museum Studies, Smithsonian Institution in association with The American Association of Museums, Washington, D.C., pp. 81-96.

1998a Seven Years of Change and No End in Sight: Reflections from the Glenbow Museum.  Cultural Organizations of the Future, Colloquium Proceedings, edited by Francois Colbert, Montreal, November 7-8, 1997, pp. 185-192.

1998b Non-Profits Can Manage Too.  Museums Review, Vol. 24, Issue 2, September, pp. 22-5.

1999a Embracing Organizational Change in Museums: A Work in Progress.  Management in Museums, edited by Kevin Moore, The Athlone Press, London & New Brunswick, NJ, pp 7-27.

1999b Museums and Change: Some Thoughts on Creativity, Destruction and Self-Organization.  Museum International. Vol. 51, No. 2, pp. 4-11 (Translated into French, Spanish and Russian).

1999c Seven Years of Change and No End in Sight: Reflections from the Glenbow Museum.  International Journal of Arts Management.  Edited by Francois Colbert, Vol. 1, No. 2, Winter, pp. 48-53.

1999d Museums and Change: Don't Lose Your Nerve.  In Thinking about Museums, Addresses from the Annual Meetings of the Association of Midwest Museums 1996-1998.  St. Louis, Missouri, pp. 7-27.

2001 Exploring Stewardship. MUSE, Vol. 19, No.2, pp. 16-21.

2003 A Conversation with Robert Janes.  Edited by Ken Tingley, Alberta Museums Review, Vol. 29, Issue 1, Fall, pp. 11-28.

2004 Persistent Paradoxes.  In Reinventing the Museum, edited by Gail Anderson, Altamira Press, Walnut Creek, California, pp. 375-394.

2007a Museums, Social Responsibility and the Future We Desire. In Museum Revolutions, edited by S. Knell, S. MacLeod and S. Watson, University of Leicester and Routledge, London, pp.134-146. 

2007b Museums, Corporatism and the Civil Society. Curator 50 (2), pp.219-237.

2008 Museums in a Troubled World: Making the Case for Socially Responsible Museums. MUSE 26 (5), pp. 20-25.

2009 It’s a Jungle in Here: Museums and Their Self-Inflicted Challenges. MUSE 27 (5), pp. 30- 33.

2010a It’s a Jungle in Here: Museums and Their Self-Inflicted Challenges. Milano, Italy: The European Museum Academy. Online. Available HTTP: and

2010b The Mindful Museum. Curator 53 (3), pp. 325-338.

2010c Museums and the Biosphere. Tetradia Mouseiologias, (Cahiers de Museologie),  Volume 7, pp. 4-13. (Translated into Greek),

2011a Museum Directors and Curators: Managers or Spectators? Theoretical and  Practical Issues of Management, February, 2011 (Official journal of the  International Scientific and Research Institute for Management Issues, Russian  Federation ). Translated into Russian. See:

2011b  Museums and the End of Materialism. In Redefining Ethics for the Twenty-First Century Museum, edited by Janet Marstine, London and New York: Routledge, pp. 54-69.

In press.   Museums and the Biosphere. Museology Quarterly, National Museum of Natural Science, Taiwan. Translated into Chinese – forthcoming - October, 2011.

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