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1967 Young Contemporaries, Tate Gallery (now Tate Britain)
1970  Sculpture in the University (Essex University/ Free Painters and Sculptors) (group show)
1970  Gallery 273, Queen Mary College, Mile End Road London (one woman show)
1973  Hope Mill Gallery, Goudhurst, Kent (with Jean Lancri)
1974  Cockpit Theatre Gallery (with Harold Robertson)
1975  Sculpture at the Park 2, South Hill Park, Bracknell (group show) 
1976  Play sculpture at South Hill Park, Bracknell
1981  The Gal, Kings Road, London (with Margot Shiemann)
2010  North Devon Arts Open Exhibition, Broomhill (group show)
2010  The Artists’ Garden, RHS Rosemoor, Great Torrington (group show)


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