Frazer Swift

Frazer SwiftAssociate Tutor

Frazer is Head of Learning & Engagement at the Museum of London and leads a team of 25 people delivering programmes for schools, families, older people and under-fives that reach around 250,000 people per year. He is a member of the museum’s leadership team and is responsible for audience engagement and advocacy, access and evaluation on gallery and exhibition projects, including the creation of a new Museum of London in West Smithfield which is due to open in the next four to five years. He also leads Culture Mile Learning, a new cultural education partnership comprising 26 venues across London including the Museum of London, Barbican, St Paul's Cathedral, London Symphony Orchestra and Tower Bridge, that works collaboratively to support social mobility by providing joint programmes and skills development opportunities for children and young people, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Frazer was previously a museum learning consultant and worked with a wide range of museums and galleries throughout the country on policy development, exhibitions, evaluation, educational resources and training.

As Development Manager at London Museums Agency he was responsible for learning and professional development, and supported museums and galleries across the region. He was also at the Science Museum for ten years as a Curator, Learning Manager, Interpretation Unit Manager and Interactive Galleries Manager

Research Interests

Learning in museums and galleries
Interactivity in galleries and exhibitions Digital learning Visitor Studies Management in museums and galleries


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