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Dr Viv GoldingEmeritus Associate Professor,




Personal details

  • Museum Studies
  • Museums and Communities
  • Museum Education
  • Museums and Creative Engagement
  • Museums and Critical Pedagogies
  • World Art and Science
  • Affect
  • Feminism
  • Antiracism

I joined the School of Museum Studies in January 2002 following a varied career in London: organising formal education provision at the Horniman Museum (1992-2002) and art and design courses for further education (1980-1992).

Professional liaisons at Horniman included:

  • 'Multi-cultural Musical Traditions' with Trinity College of Music
  • 'Emancipation day' and 'Re-writing the Museum' workshops with Goldsmiths College Caribbean Centre
  • 'My Africa, Your Africa' with artists
  • ‘Inspiration Africa’ with the Cloth of Gold arts organisation (DfEE) and 'Horniman Outreach' for local school and community venues

I gained my PhD in Museum Studies from the University of Leicester in 2000. My thesis ‘New Voices and Visibilities at the Museum Frontiers’ brought together the philosophical hermeneutics of Hans Georg Gadamer with black women writers including Toni Morrison and Audre Lorde to inform a liberatory praxis in the ethnographic museum. I was elected President of the International Council of Museums of Ethnography (ICME) in 2013 and am widely funded to disseminate my research themes internationally.

I currently serve on the editorial boards of:

  • Curator: The Museum Journal, published by John Wiley and Sons, Inc.
  • the Horniman Museum publications
  • Best in Heritage

I worked for the editorial committee of the International Journal of Intangible Heritage (2013-16). I am frequently used as a referee for journals in the fields of museum management, curatorship and museum studies.


As senior lecturer before retiring, I contributed sessions on museum communication, learning, text writing and evaluation to the campus-based core curriculum. I also contributed to the distance learning courses.



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Book chapters

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Professional publications


Golding V. 1999, Cultural Journeys: Traditions from Africa, Waylaid


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Golding, V. 1996, 'Puppet on a string,' in Yorath, J. 1995, (ed.), Learning about science and technology in museums. South Eastern Museums


I am interested in the power of museum and community collaboration to affect multi-sensory engagement and learning from world art, which includes material culture and intangible heritage: language, storytelling, music and dance.

Issues of identity, memory and knowledge construction, anti-racism and anti-sexism are foregrounded in my recent research projects and publication.

Learning at the Museum Frontiers: Identity, Race and Power, first published by Ashgate in 2009, explores imaginative approaches to museum learning for economically disadvantaged people in London, Goteborg, and Cape Town. Considering the diverse ways museums might become more inclusive sites to engage a wider audience in respectful dialogue to promote understanding between and within diverse cultures, the book was voted one of the ‘top five’ publications on museum education by Museum Monitor readers in 2010.

The monograph themes are centered in universal human rights and responsibilities as these relate to citizens and citizenship issues at local contexts in a globalised world. I observe that while much of our globe is marked by colonialism and its lingering negative legacies such as racism, citizens can be empowered through museum collaboration to take positive action, raising diverse voices and visibilities, to protect those who are marginalised in nation states. I further consider these themes from a philosophical and political perspective in Collaborative Museums: Curators, Communities and Collections, which I co-edited with Dr Wayne Modest of Tropen Museum Amsterdam and in Feminist Review: Affects and Creolisation.

While my research is grounded in the new theoretical perspective of feminist-hermeneutics, it is closely linked with international museum practice and the profession. My ideas are largely developed in collaboration and I have a long-term involvement in several international research networks including the Black Body group based at Goldsmiths College London and the Creative Reminiscence network of Japan.

I was elected President of the International Council of Museums of Ethnography (ICOM-ICME) in 2013 and 2016. ICME addresses not only the colonial histories of ethnographic museums but also the contemporary challenges we face to engage audiences in critical thinking and social justice. 'Museums and Innovations', published in 2016, is ICME's latest volume outlining these conerns, which I co-edited with Dr Zvjezdana Antos and Dr Annette Fromml.

Within the School, I have worked within the Research Centre for Museums and Galleries (RCMG), notably on a Museums Libraries and Archives (MLA) project Their Past Your Future 2, completed in 2010.

New and ongoing projects

  • International Council of Museums (ICOM), 'Accessioning Africa', ICME and ICOM Namibia, with Dr Jeremy Silvester, Namibia, (2014-16)
  • Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS), Bridge Award, ‘Museum and University Collaboration’, with Dr Yoshikazu Ogawa, Tokyo, Japan (December 2014 - January 2015)
  • ''Behind the Looking Glass: 'Other-Cultures-Within' Translating Cultures (AHRC Translating Cultures 2011-13) with Professor Joan Anim-Addo at Goldsmiths College London,
  • 'Museum and University Collaboration' with Dr Yoshikazu Ogawa at The National Museum of Nature and Science (Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Visiting Fellow (2012-13).
  • 'Mapping Faith and Place in Leicester' with Dr Ruth Young from UoL's School of Archaeology (AHRC Care for the Future 2011-12)
  • 'Developing Museum Literacies in Japan and the UK' with Reiji Takayasu at The National Museum of Nature and Science, Professor Hiroshi Kurushima at The National Museum of Japanese History and Professor Makoto Suzuki Aoyama-Gakuin University (Daiwa 2010-12).

I joined the editorial boards of

I organise, chair and present papers at conferences internationally on my research themes.

Recent papers


Conference organisation and moderation
  • As President of the International Council of Museums of Ethnography (ICME), Museums and Cultural Landscapes: Curating and Engaging Peoples, Places and Entanglements in an Age ofMigrations. (3-9 July 2016), Milan, Italy
  • As Board Member of The Best of Heritage (22-24 September 2016), Dubrovnik, Croatia
Funded papers
  • ‘Working Collaboratively: Education and Engagement at the Creative Frontiers of the Art Museum’ at the 2016 Forum for Curators of Chinese Art (13-15 October 2016), the Palace Museum Beijing, China, and organised by the Bei Shan Tang Foundation


Conference organisation
  • As President of the International Council of Museums of Ethnography (ICME), with ICOM Vietnam, Museums and Communities: Diversity, Dialogue, Collaboration (25-26 October 2015), Hanoi
Keynote papers
  • ‘Memory and Forgetting: Learning and Creativity at the Museum Frontiers’, Japan Museum Management Academy (JMMA Kansai branch), National Museum of Ethnology (Minpaku), (11 January), Osaka, Japan
  • ‘Museum Education With Communities: Using Feminist-Hermeneutic Practice to Challenge Prejudice and Stereotype’ at Contemporary Museum and Gallery Education Practices: Local Communities meet Global Narratives, Point Centre for Visual Arts, (22 May), Nicosia, Cyprus
Funded papers
  • ‘Affective Objects: Sensing Hidden Histories of Care and Cruelty’ at ‘Engaging diverse communities in museums’ Cultures of Sense: Approaches to the Sensuality of the Social World, (13 January), DEUTSCHE GESELLSCHAFT FÜR VOLKSKUNDE, (22 July 2015), Zurich, Switzerland


Keynote papers
Round Table discussion
  • 'Intangible Heritage’ Heritage Lottery Fund (28 March), London
Conference organisation
  • As President of the International Council of Museums of Ethnography (ICME), a University of Leicester collaboration and ICME with ICOM Croatia, Museums and Innovation, (14-16 October), Zagreb


  • ‘Memory and Forgetting: Learning and Creativity at the Museum Frontiers’ a keynote for ICOM-CECA (August 12) in Rio
  • ‘Museum and University Collaboration: Training the Profession in the UK’ a keynote for Intermuseum in Moscow (June 1)
  • ‘Guerilla Consultancies: Exploring Controversy, Stereotype and Humour in Museums’ for JMMA in Kyoto Japan (February 2)



  • Japan Museum Management conference in Osaka (April)
  • National Heritage Board (NHB) Academy in Singapore (November 4)
  • Australian Museums Association (AAM) Annual conference in Perth (November 14-17)
  • Museum 2011 in Taiwan (November 18)
  • The National Museum of Nature and Science, The National Museum of Japanese History and Aoyama-Gakuin University in Tokyo (November 25-27)


  • ‘Museums Imagining A Community of Communities Through Multisensory Engagement’ (May), chair and speaker of a diversity panel, with Lonnie Bunch (Smithsonian Institution), Joseph Gonzales (Fleischer Art Memorial) and Annette Fromm (Frost Art Museum and ICME President), at the AAM in Los Angeles
  • ‘The Elephant in the Room’ (November) at the triennial ICOM-ICME conference in Shanghai


  • Museums Curators and Communities: Embedded Approaches to Participation, Collaboration and Inclusion, 2 day conference with Wayne Modest at Horniman
  • I was also invited to present my ideas in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Italy in 2009 and in 2008 in Spain, Sweden, Czech Republic and Germany. Previous conference and research work on diversity, democracy and citizenship, for which I have won Daiwa and British Academy grants, includes: Japan, Korea, China, South Africa, Norway, Netherlands, Portugal and Egypt


I am currently supervising eight PhD projects on themes broadly related to:

  • learning
  • multisensory engagement
  • diversity
  • communities
  • creativity
  • antisexism
  • anti-racism

in museums. I am unable to accept new students for PhD supervision.

PhD completions:

  • Donna McFarlene - Representing Blackness in Museums (Jamaica), 2012
  • Afshan Heuer - The Impact of Travelling Exhibitions (Switzerland), 2013
  • Mette Houlberg - Adult Meaning Making in the Art Gallery (Denmark), 2014
  • Elee Kirk - Is it Real? Young Childrens' experience of natural history in museums (UK), 2014
  • Laurel Brierly - Empathy and Emotional Learning in Museums (USA), 2015

PhD supervision:

  • Dana Almazrouel - Museums and Communities: Art and Outreach (United Arab Emirates)
  • Aisha Almisnad Almohannadi - Museums, Feminism and Difficult Histories (Qatarl)
  • Margarida Melo - Museums and Adult Community Learning (Portugal)
  • Stephania Savva - Developing Multiliteracies in Museums (Cyprus)
  • Anne Hsin-i Yang - Museums and Musical Experiences (Taiwan)
  • Yu-Luen Tzeng - Museums and Traumatic Memories: Representing Taiwanese 'Comfort' Women (Taiwan)
  • Åshild Brekke - Museums and Social Engagement and Justice (Norway)
  • Naomi Terry - Museums and Antiracsim (UK)


In addition, I co-supervise six PhD projects on disability rights, challenging heteronormativity and the themes above.

Visiting PhD supervision:

I have supervised two visiting PhD scholars: Patrizia Schettino from Italy and Lisbet Morgenson from Denmark.

PhD external examinations (selected):

I have examined seven PhD thesis for universities in the UK, Europe and Australia, including SOAS, UEA, Newcastle, Bergen and Sidney.

  • Marl'ene Edwin, 'Orality in the Body of the Archive', 2016, Goldsmiths University of London
  • Bryony Onciul, ‘Unsettling Assumptions about Community Engagement. A New Persepctive on Indigenous Blackfoot Participation in Museums and Heritage Sites in Alberta Canada’, 2011, University of Newcastle
  • Heng Wu, ‘Museum and Change: Regional Museums in the People’s Republic of China’, 2011, University of Bergen
  • Yuuki Yoshiara, ‘Art Museums in a Diverse Society: A visitor study at the South African National Gallery’, 2007, SOAS.

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