Research Interests

Currently Paul’s interest lies in the history of popular music and especially with the history, cultures and issues arising from ‘unofficial listening’ (i.e. that which is not legally sanctioned; from pirate radio to bootleg LPs and MP3 file sharing etc.). Material culture and the cultural context of popular collecting continue to be a fascination. He had two books published in 2002 (one co-edited with Professor Susan Pearce) which further examine this in depth.  He is also interested in contemporary museum themes such as pop up and  non-collecting museums.

Paul has a wide spectrum of cultural and historical interests on which he has written various articles. These vary from obscure events such as the alternative (to the Berlin) Olympics of Barcelona in 1936 in History Today magazine, to columns and reviews on 1960s psychedelic, beat and garage bands and records for specialist on-line music forums notably the former Sweet Floral Albion: the on-line journal of British psychedelia. He has also written many reviews for the quarterly 1960 specialist magazine. Shindig!

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