Dr Lyall I. Anderson

Lyall AndersonHonorary Visiting Research Fellow


Lyall trained as a field geologist and invertebrate palaeontologist. He completed his Ph. D. thesis on fossil horseshoe crabs (typified by the living Limulus) at the University of Manchester in 1996. In July 1997 he embarked on a post-doctoral position and subsequently a lectureship at the University of Aberdeen. He investigated the Rhynie Chert, a 410 million year old fossil hot spring deposit. This rock preserved early land plants and animals in exquisite three-dimensional detail.

In 2001, Lyall was appointed Curator of Invertebrate Palaeontology at the National Museums of Scotland, Edinburgh. He became Principal Curator by 2004 with additional responsibility for the Palaeobotany collections.
In September 2007 he moved to Cambridge on appointment as an Isaac Newton Trust Research Fellow working on the “Darwin the Geologist” project. This work at the Sedgwick Museum of Earth Sciences involved research and text development for a new permanent gallery display.  For the last two and a half years he has been employed as an Archives Assistant at the Sedgwick Museum sorting and describing the paper collections.
Between 2003 and 2010, Lyall served as a Handling Editor for the journal of the UK-based Palaeontological Association. He also served as an Ordinary Committee member of the Geological Curators Group.

Exhibition Projects:
• Hugh Miller’s Fossils (2002 – 2007)
• Darwin the Geologist (2009 - )
• Sedgwick Museum Archive (2012 - )
• Alfred Harker and Geology (2013 - )


Research Interests
Selected Publications

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