Book Chapter

Edwards. D (2012). Remembering the Home: The intricate effects of narrative inheritance and absent memory on the biographical construction of orphanhood in Boesen, E.; Lentz, F.; Margue, M; Scuto, D. & Wagener, R. (eds), Peripheral Memories: Public and Private Forms of Experiencing and Narrating the Past. Transcript: Bielefeld.


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Gibson, L. and Edwards, D. (2015). Valuing Participation: The cultural and everyday activities of young people in care. School of Museum Studies, University of Leicester (

Conference Contribution

September 2016, Understanding Everyday Participation: Making the case for "short and dirty" multi-sited ethnographies. 9th International Conference on Social Science Methodology, University of Leicester.

June 2016, Challenging memories from Care: Life Story Work in the Museum. Re-Imagining Challenging History Conference, National Museum of Wales, Cardiff


September 2015, (Auto)ethnographies from Gateshead: Can young participants be the ethnographers of their own everyday participation? International Visual Methods conference, Brighton.

July 2015, Soundings and Findings Connected Communities conference, University of East Anglia

April 2015, Gendered and (auto) biographical legacies of care – Beyond the walls of residential child care. Association of American Geographers annual conference, Chicago.

April 2015, Standing Close to the Action: Ethnography and the Times and Spaces of Everyday Participation. British Sociological Association annual conference, Glasgow. Co written and presented with Dr Jill Ebrey from the University of Manchester.

February 2015, Understanding Facilitated Participation and Cultural Values. School of Museum Studies Research Seminar Series. School of Museum Studies, University of Leicester. Co-written and presented with Dr Lisanne Gibson, University of Leicester.

September 2014, Understanding Facilitated Participation and Cultural Values. CRESC conference, University of Manchester. Co-written and presented with Dr Lisanne Gibson, University of Leicester.

September 2014, Counting the Pennies: Framing Everyday Participation in a Charity Shop. CRESC conference, University of Manchester.

June 2014, Understanding Everyday Participation: Building a Research Project. School of Museum Studies Annual PGR Research Week, University of Leicester. Co-written and presented with Dr Lisanne Gibson, University of Leicester.

November 2011, “It was through some iron railing bars”: The effect of sibling separation in childcare history. The Scottish Institutive of Residential Child Care and Child Care History Network joint conference, Child Care: Learning from History, held at Glasgow, Scotland.

June 2011, Confronting the narrative: (Auto)biographies of orphanhood. Identity and the Life course seminar, held at the University of Glasgow, Scotland.

April 2011, ‘Sharing the Home: (Auto)biographical nostalgia of growing up in a children’s home’. BSA Annual Conference, held at the London School of Economics, London.

January 2011, ‘The Researcher, The Daughter and Me: Coping with my three selves’, Researching Identity: Identifying Researchers, The Qualitative Report’s 2nd Annual Conference, held at Nova Southeastern University, Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

April 2010, ‘Knowing me, knowing your Mum: (Auto)biographical researching’, The Interview – Theory, Practice, Society, Association of Social Anthropologists of the UK and Commonwealth, held at Queen’s University, Belfast.

November 2009, ‘Remembering the Home: Searching for My Mother?’, Grand Narratives and Peripheral Memories: On the Connection between Cultural Memory and Familial Remembering, held at Université du Luxembourg; Laboratoire d'Histoire, Luxembourg.

July 2008, ‘Countrified Creativity’, DM@C seminar series, University Of Glamorgan, Cardiff.

May 2008, ‘Sustaining the Creative Agenda: A critical examination of the strategic approach to thinking, acting and planning creatively across the UK’, Cyfrwng, held at the National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth.

Invited Talks

June 2015, Understanding Everyday Participation: Articulating Cultural Values. Staff seminar series for the Sociology department at the University of Central Lancashire.

March 2012, ‘The Orphan’s children: Absent memories and narrative inheritance of orphanhood’. Invited speaker along with Professor David Divine for a seminar and round table discussion on research into Orphanage Life, Oral History and Reminiscences: Searching For Recall...Celebrating Remembrance, held at Queen’s University, Belfast.

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