Clinical Examination for Medical Students

A series of films which explain and demonstrate examination procedures

Produced by practising clinicians to aid the teaching of clinical examination skills.

Each examination is covered by 2 films:

  • Examination to give a step by step explanation
  • Demonstration to take you through the examination in real time.

Each film starts at the point when the clinician has finished taking the medical history and begins the clinical examination.

Cardiovascular Examination
presented by Dr Adrian Stanley PhD FRCP, Consultant in Cardiovascular Medicine

Respiratory Examination
presented by Dr Jonathan Bennett MD FRCP, Consultant Respiratory Physician

Abdominal Examination
presented by Mr Adam Scott MS FRCS (Edin) FRCS (Eng), Consultant General and Colorectal Surgeon

Neurological Examination of the Limbs
presented by Dr Peter Critchley MD FRCP, Consultant Neurologist

Examination of the Cranial Nerves
presented by Dr Richard Abbott MD FRCP, Consultant Neurologist

The films were produced and directed by Dr Irene Peat FRCR FRCP, Dr Nicholas Port MBChB BSc and Jon Shears, copyright University of Leicester.

The films are open for use by anyone for the purpose of medical teaching and learning. We welcome your feedback, please leave a comment on our YouTube channel or send us an email.

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