Current and Recent PhD Research Projects

Medieval PhD projects at Leicester

woodcut of a man reading a book from an early printed book in the University LibraryThe work of Research Students at Leicester is wide ranging; thesis topics range across the whole of the Middle Ages from the fifth to the fifteenth centuries, and across the full range of disciplines represented within the College.

Current (*) and recent research theses are listed below. Enquiries from prospective research students or post-doctoral scholars are most welcome. Contact us for more information and advice on potential supervisors.

  • Alenezi, M. ‘Political and economic relations between the Ashraf of the Hijaz and the Ayyubid and Mamluk rulers of Egypt and Syria, 1171-1517’ * (Kuwait)
  • Allan, E. Saffron Walden c.1440-1490: Function and context of a late medieval small town ('10)
  • Bailey, C. Hinrick Stavoer and his context within the Hildesheim Sculpture 1500–35 *
  • Ball, C. E.  The symbolic image of the snake in Anglo-Saxon culture, 700–900 *
  • Benjamin, D. Paid service in Crusading armies to the East, 1095–1241 *
  • Bielmann, C. Society and Identity/Identities: religion, church and urbanism in Switzerland, AD300–800 *
  • Blake, M. Anglo-Saxon Landscapes in Staffordshire *
  • Brooks, F. A study of the female audiences of the manuscripts of Chaucer's Canterbury Tales *
  • Brown, G. Stanley Abbey and its Estates, c.1150–1650 *
  • Busby, M. Medieval Leicestershire 1086 to 1563: Regional consistency or regional change *
  • Clark, J. Decorated Style: Architecture in Leicestershire *
  • Corradini, E. Leofric of Exeter and his Lotharingian Connections: a Bishop's books, c. 1050–72 ('08)
  • Coveney, N. The Moated Site: Exploring the Shifting Relationship Between People and Place in the English Medieval Countryside *
  • Dowse, C. Kings, Knights, Royal Influence and Local Administration in the Midlands, 1377–88 ('09)
  • Eicher, C. Christianisation of the Isle de France region *
  • Enstone, Z. The Representation of Morgan le Fay and Nimue in Arthurian Literature (AHRC) ('12)
  • Farrugia, G. Maltese Late Roman and Byzantine Funerary Architecture: A Multidisciplinary and Holistic Approach *
  • Featherby, R. An examination of the role of partible inheritance within the economic development of Swaledale during the early modern period, 1500–1750 ('08)
  • Fenn, A. Territorial origins and the evolution of settlement in the middle march of Wales, 410–1536 *
  • Fried, A. Late 13th / early 14th C  images of the Madonna *
  • Gilbert, J. Differentiating Northern Middle English: An Identification of Dialectal Features Specific to Areas of Northern English *
  • Gilbert, M. Landscape and society in the late medieval fenland *
  • Godfrey, M. The development of Norfolk Parishes: settlement, continuity and change in the rural landscape ('07)
  • Hawkes, M. From village to estate: the characteristics of settlement in eastern England in the early and middle Anglo-Saxon period ('07)
  • Herbert, C. English Easter sepulchres: the history and idea *
  • Holmes, M. Food and status in the Saxon and Scandinavian burhs ('11)
  • Jagot, S. Chaucer's concept of Fin' Amors and its Latin and Perso-Arabic sources*
  • Jones, N. A chronological study of the iconographic depiction of Christ in the Middle English religious lyrics (AHRC) ('11)
  • Kilby, S. Encountering the Environment: rural communities in England, 1086–1348 (ESRC) ('14)
  • Ling, S. Rules for Canons in Anglo-Saxon England and Francia * (GTA)
  • McCullough, J. Christianisation of Greenland *
  • McLoughlin, V. Sokemen communities of ancient demesne in the Midlands with special reference to the Leicestershire soke of Rothley from the 13th–16th centuries ('07)
  • Mezec, B. Late Medieval Urbanism in Brandenburg *
  • Morris, A. Forging links with the past: 12th C perceptions of pre-Conquest Peterborough ('07)
  • Murphy, M. The Iconography of Angels from the Middle Ages through the Reformation *
  • Owen, K. The Ars Morendi: Medieval to Early Modern ('07)
  • Pridgeon, E. The Image of St. Christopher in English Medieval Wall Painting ('10)
  • Roberson, O. Satan in Old English and Old Norse * (AHRC)
  • Sami, D. From Theodosius to Constans II: The Settlement and Economy of Late Roman and Byzantine Sicily (AD 379–688) ('11)
  • Schee, S. van der, Short dipthongs in  Old English *
  • Sheppard, D. Techniques for Reconstructing Early Landscapes - A Study of Allesley, Coundon and Stoneleigh Parishes in the Warwickshire Arden ('08)
  • Silva, R. da. Anglo-Saxon state formation * (CAPES, Brazil)
  • Speed, G. Towns in the Dark? Archaeologies of urbanism from late Roman Britain to Anglo-Saxon England *
  • Stewart, L. Presentation of medieval buildings to the public ('06)
  • Sumpter, G. Lady chapels in churches, c.600-1550 *
  • Swistak, R. Landscape Development in Central Derbyshire *
  • Tatham, S. Aspects of health and population studies in northern Europe between the tenth and twelfth centuries ('05)
  • Taylor-Moore, K. Borderlands: the Buckinghamshire-Northamptonshire border from 600–1600 (AHRC) ('13)
  • Thornton, M. Rural society in the manor courts of Northamptonshire c.1350–1500 ('05)
  • Tompkins, M. Peasant society in two contrasting communities in Buckinghamshire, 1400–1600 ('07)
  • Upton, P. Change and decay: the Warwickshire manors of the Bishops of Coventry and Lichfield ('01)
  • Vann, S. Towards a methodology for the analysis of animal palaeopathological data for archaeological sites: development and application ('08)
  • Vosper, E. Reforming the Early English Church* (AHRC – M3C, joint supervision with Dr. P Darby at Nottingham).
  • Warrington, P. Memory and Remembering: Anglo-Saxon literary representations and current interpretations of the phenomena considered ('05)
  • Watson, C. The authority of saints and their makers in Old English hagiography ('05)

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