Medieval Research at Leicester

Current and recent medieval research projects

Viking Ancestry

  1. What’s in a Name? Applying patrilineal surnames to forensics, population history and genetic epidemiology
    Dr T King and Professor M Jobling (Wellcome Trust)
  2. Genetic Survey of Wirral and W. Lancashire
    Professor M Jobling, Dr T King et al
  3. Viking Identities Network (Nottingham, Leicester and Birmingham)
    Dr J Carroll

Medieval History

  • The River Nile in the Western Imagination
    Dr A Merrills
  • Carolingian Polyptyques (HEA funded)
    Dr J Story, Dr J Palmer, Dr R Mobbs and N Palmer MA
  • Charlemagne and the Epitaph of Pope Hadrian I
    Dr J Story (AHRC and British Academy)
  • Willibrord, Bede, and the Letters of Pope Honorius I
    Dr J. Story (British Academy, Neil Ker Memorial Fund)

Medieval Archaeology

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Insular Manuscripts

International Network grant to study medieval manuscripts made by Anglo-Saxon or Irish scribes between AD 650 and 850


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Flood and Flow

Flood risk in Britain: Richard Jones runs a project to study river flooding and water/land management during the period c.700-1100AD.

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