Medievalists at Leicester

Many academic staff contribute to the research and teaching of Medieval Studies at Leicester. Brief research details relating to medieval topics are provided below; more detailed information can be found by clicking on the staff member's name.

Details of current and recent post graduate research students and their medieval projects can be found here.

Staff and Fellows


Prof Neil Christie

MRC Director

Late Antiquity; early medieval archaeology, especially Italy and Britain; urbanism and landscape change

Dr Philip A Shaw

Deputy MRC Director

Old English and other early Germanic languages

Dr James Bothwell

English medieval political and social history
Dr Jose Carvajal Lopez Islamic archaeology (eastern Mediterranean - Persian Gulf); medieval Iberia
Dr David Clark

Medieval gender and sexuality
Professor Emeritus Chris Dyer

Social, economic, and landscape history
Dr David Edwards

Landscape archaeology, especially in North Africa
Professor Emeritus Norman Housley

Crusading and crusading ideas
Dr Richard Jones

People and the land between c. 400 and c. 1500 AD
Dr Susan Kilby

Peasants' relationships with the landscape in the later Middle Ages, manorial administration, palaeography
Dr Andy Merrills

The history and culture of late antiquity, especially North Africa
Alex Moseley

Medieval paleography (and digitisation thereof) and archaeology
Deirdre O'Sullivan

Medieval archaeology, friaries
Dr Ben Parsons

English Language and Theory
Professor Joanna Story Early medieval European history, archaeology, manuscript studies and epigraphy
Dr Richard Thomas

The archaeology of animal bones and human-animal relationships
Dr Matthew Tompkins

Late medieval rural, social and economic history, palaeography
Dr Jan Vandeburie Knowledge exchange and cross-cultural interaction in the 12th- and 13th-century Mediterranean, crusades, pilgrimage, and travel writing

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Further Details ...

Insular Manuscripts

International Network grant to study medieval manuscripts made by Anglo-Saxon or Irish scribes between AD 650 and 850


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Flood and Flow

Flood risk in Britain: Richard Jones runs a project to study river flooding and water/land management during the period c.700-1100AD.

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