Recent Books by Leicester Medievalists

Recent books by Leicester's Medievalists

James Bothwell, Falling From Grace: Reversal of Fortune and the English Nobility 1075–1455 (Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2008)

Neil Christie & Paul Stamper, eds., Medieval Rural Settlement. Britain and Ireland, AD 800-1600 (MSRG/Oxbow/Windgather: Oxford, 2012)

Neil Christie & Andrea Augenti, eds, Vrbes Extinctae: Archaeologies of Abandoned Classical Cities (Ashgate: Aldershot, 2012)

David Clark, Between Medieval Men: Male Friendship and Desire in Early Medieval English Literature (Oxford, 2009)

David Clark, Gender, Violence, and the Past in Edda and Saga (Oxford, 2012)

Julie Coleman, A History of Cant and Slang Dictionaries. Volume III: 1859-1936 (Oxford, 2008).

Peter Darby, Bede and the End of Time (Ashgate, 2012)

Orietta Da Rold, ed. English Manuscripts before 1400, with Tony Edwards, English Manuscripts Studies: 1100-1700 (London, 2012)

Orietta Da Rold, et al. Manuscripts Online,

Orietta Da Rold, ed. 'E-medieval: Teaching, Research, and the Net’, with Elaine Treharne, Special issue, Literature Compass (2012)

Orietta Da Rold and Elaine Treharne, ed. Textual Culture, Cultural Texts, 1000-2010 (Woodbridge, 2010)

Orietta Da Rold, Elaine Treharne and Mary Swan, ed. Producing and Using English Manuscripts in the Post-Conquest Period, New Medieval Literature 13 (2011) (Turnhout, 2012)

Orietta Da Rold, Takako Kato, Mary Swan, and Elaine Treharne, ed. The Production and Use of English Manuscripts (Leicester, 2010), ISBN 095323195x, version 1.0 (

Christopher Dyer, A Country Merchant: 1495-1520.   Trading and Farming at the End of the Middle Ages (Oxford, 2012)

Christopher Dyer and Matthew Tompkins, Dartmoor’s Alluring Uplands (Exeter, 2012)

Christopher Dyer and Catherine Richardson, ed. William Dugdale, Historian, 1605- 1686: His Life, His Writings and His County (Woodbridge: Boydell & Brewer Ltd, 2009)

Christopher Dyer, ed. Rodney Hilton’s Middle Ages. A Exploration of Historical Themes, with Peter Coss and Chris Wickham  (Oxford: Oxford University Press, Past and Present Supplement, 2, 2007)

Christopher Dyer, ed. The Self-Contained Village? The Social History of Rural Communities  1250-1900 (Hatfield, 2007)

David Edwards, The Nubian Past: An Archaeology of the Sudan, (London: Routledge, 2004)

Martin Findell, Phonological Evidence from the Continental Runic Inscriptions (de Gruyter, 2012).

Norman Housley, Crusading and the Ottoman Threat, 1453-1505 (Oxford University Press, 2012)

Norman Housley, Fighting for the Cross: Crusading to the Holy Land (Yale University Press, 2008) [more]

Norman Housley, ed. Knighthoods of Christ: Essays on the History of the Crusades and the Knights Templar (Ashgate, 2007) [more [External Link]]

R. Jones and S. Semple (eds), Sense of Place in Anglo-Saxon England (Donington, 2012)

Richard Jones and Mark Page, Medieval Villages in an English Landscape: Beginnings and Ends (Windgather Press, 2006)

Paul Cullen, Richard Jones and David N. Parsons, Thorps in a Changing Landscape, Explorations in Local and Regional History, 4 (Hatfield, 2011)

Philip Lindley, Tomb Destruction and Scholarship: Medieval Monuments in Early Modern England (Donington, 2007)

Andrew Merills with Richard Miles, The Vandals (Wiley-Blackwells, 2009)

Joanna Story, Jill Bourne, and Richard Buckley, ed. Leicester Abbey: Medieval History, Archaeology and Manuscript Studies (Leicester, 2006)

Joanna Story, ed. Charlemagne: Empire and Society, Manchester University Press (Manchester, 2005)

Richard Thomas and Stallibrass S, Feeding the Roman Army: the Archaeology of Production and Supply in NW Europe (Oxford: Oxbow 2008)

Jan Vanderburie and E. Mylod, G. Perry && T Smith (eds), The Fifth Crusade in Context. The Crusading Movement in the Early 13th Century (Routledge, 2017)

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