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International Congress on Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo, MI

The Venerable Bede: Intellectual Landscapes

Lead Organizer: Sharon Rowley (Christopher Newport University).

I. The Venerable Bede: Intellectual Landscapes I (Latin Writings)

Presider: Peter Darby (University of Leicester)

  • Paper 1: George Hardin Brown (Stanford University) - The Bedan Legacy: The Ways Bede’s Works Have Been Used
  • Paper 2: Eoghan Ahern (University of Cambridge) - The Easter Controversy and the Intellectual Background to Bede’s Scientific Exegesis
  • Paper 3: Deborah Deliyannis (University of Indiana, Bloomington) - Bede and the Rhetoric of Church-Building

II. The Venerable Bede: Intellectual Landscapes II (Vernacular Adaptations)

Presider: Sharon Rowley (Christopher Newport University)

  • Paper 1: Larry Swain (Bemidji State University) - Readers of Bede in Anglo-Saxon England
  • Paper 2:  Roberta Bassi (Université Stendhal-Grenoble 3) - Translating a passion: Bede's account of the martyrdom of St Alban and its adaptations in Anglo-Saxon England
  • Paper 3: Mary Dockray Miller (Lesley College) - Judith of Flanders' Vernacular Adaptation of Bede's narrative of St Oswald, King of Northumbria


International Medieval Congress, Leeds

Bede: Intellectual Landscapes

Tuesday 2nd July (sessions I-IV) and Wednesday 3rd July (V)

Organizers: Peter Darby (University of Leicester); Máirín Mac Carron (NUI Galway)

Session 501: Bede: Intellectual Landscapes I -Bede's Intellectual Inheritance

Chair: Peter Darby, University of Leicester

  • a. Eoghan Ahern (University of Cambridge) - Bede and the Exegetical Application of Classical Scientific Learning.
  • b. Alan Thacker (Institute of Historical Research, London) - Bede and Cassiodorus.
  • c.  Jenny Coughlan (University College Cork) - Notes on a Scandal: Bede and Gregory of Tours on women in the religious life at Coldingham and Poitiers.

Session 601: Bede: Intellectual Landscapes II -Medieval Theology

Chair: Sarah Foot, University of Oxford

  • a. Faith Wallis (McGill University) - Bede's Commentary on Proverbs.
  • b. Susan Cremin (Independent Scholar) Bede’s homily for After Epiphany on John 1:35-42: connections with hagiography and history.
  • c.   Jennifer O'Reilly (University College Cork) - Bede and Monotheletism.

Session 701: Bede: Intellectual Landscapes III -Northumbria in the Age of Bede

Chair: Julia Barrow

  • a. Máirín MacCarron (National University of Ireland, Galway) –Æthelthryth and Hild in the Historia Ecclesiastica.
  • b. Conor O'Brien (University of Oxford) - The cleansing of the Temple in the works of Bede.
  • c. Sarah McCann (National University of Ireland, Galway) - Aidan et al.: the Irish bishops of Northumbria.
  • d. Clare Stancliffe (Durham University) Bede and Acca.

Session 801: Bede: Intellectual Landscapes IV - Early Medieval Europe after Bede

Chair: Jo Story, University of Leicester

  • a. Martin Ryan (University of Manchester) - My most beloved Father in Christ: Ecgberht of York after Bede.
  • b. Sharon Rowley (Christopher Newport University) - Fursey's Place in the Spiritual and Intellectual Landscape of the Old English Bede.
  • c. Christopher Heath (University of Manchester) – Carolingian Correctio: Bede and Paul the Deacon.

Session 1201: Bede: Intellectual Landscapes V - Medieval and Modern Reactions to Bede

Chair: Sharon Rowley, Christopher Newport University

  • a. Diarmuid Scully (University College Cork) – Subverting Bede: Gerald of Wales’s Topographia Hibernica and its response to the Historia Ecclesiastica on Ireland and the Irish.
  • b. Sarah Foot (University of Oxford) A biography of Bede: problems and perspectives.
  • c.  Jo Story (University of Leicester) The Skull of Bede.

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