The MRC sponsored the following conference sessions in 2011:

International Congress on Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo, MI

Bede beyond Historia

Organizers:  Faith Wallis (McGill University); Peter Darby (University of Leicester); Joshua Westgard (University of Tennessee, Knoxville); Paul Hilliard (University of St Mary of the Lake).

 Session 1 - Bede beyond Historia 1: Bede and the Future

 Presider: Scott DeGregorio (University of Michigan, Dearborn)

  •  Paper 1: Peter Darby (University of Leicester) - The influence of Gregory the Great upon Bede's perception of present and future time
  •  Paper 2: Brandon W. Hawk (University of Connecticut) - Eschatology in the Collectanea Pseudo-Bedae
  •  Paper 3: Faith Wallis (McGill University) - Dating Bede's Expositio Apocalypseos and why it matters

 Session 2 - Bede beyond Historia 2: The Future of Bede

 Presider: Peter Darby (University of Leicester)

  •  Paper 1: Sharon Rowley (Christopher Newport University) - Transmission, Adaptation and Alteration: Bede’s History in CCCO 279
  •  Paper 2: Andreas Lemke (Georg-August-Universität Göttingen) - The Old English Bede and the Kingdom of the Anglo-Saxons
  •  Paper 3: John J. Contreni (Purdue University) - Carolingian Glosses on De temporum ratione
  •  Paper 4: Joshua A. Westgard (University of Tennessee, Knoxville) - A New Handlist of Bede Manuscripts: Evaluating a Cultural Legacy through Its Material Remains

International Medieval Congress, Leeds

Bede and the Future

 Organizers: Faith Wallis (McGill University); Peter Darby (University of Leicester).

 Session 1 - Bede and the Future I: Judgement Day and the Apocalypse

 Moderator: Jo Story (University of Leicester)

  •  Paper 1: Peter Darby (University of Leicester) - Bede’s poetic vision of the future: on the date and authorship of the Latin poem De die iudicii
  •  Paper 2: James Palmer (University of St Andrews) - Bede’s De Temporum Ratione in Europe: Apocalyptic and Technical Contexts
  •  Paper 3: Faith Wallis (McGill University) - The Unscheduled Future: Bede's Commentary on the Apocalypse Between Prophecy and Allegory

 Session 2 - Bede and the Future II: the Anglo-Saxon context

 Moderator: Jo Story (University of Leicester)

  •  Paper 1: Nick Higham (University of Manchester) – Bede’s Purposes in the Ecclesiastical History: The Tricky Business of Reforming the King
  •  Paper 2: Alan Thacker (Institute of Historical Research) – Why did Bede think heresy mattered?
  •  Paper 3: Nick Sparks (University of Cambridge) – The reception of Bede in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle

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