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I joined the former department of Cell Physiology & Pharmacology as an honorary lecturer in 2010. I’m enjoying teaching after a career at the lab bench in research-only institutes.

Research Interests

Physiology, pharmacology and pathology, particularly of the nervous system.
My aim is to contribute to departmental research projects in these areas.

Research Achievements

* Discovered MADM, a novel protease now known as ADAM10/ alpha-secretase.

* Discovered the biochemical and physiological functions of NTE - the protein target for organophosphate-induced neuropathy. NTE maintains eukaryotic phospholipid homeostasis and optimum function of the constitutive secretory pathway. It is essential for pre-natal mammalian development and integrity of axons in the adult central nervous system.


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Lush, MJ, Li, Y, Read, DJ, Willis, AC, Glynn, P (1998) Neuropathy target esterase and a Drosophila neurodegeneration-associated mutant protein contain a novel domain conserved from bacteria to man. Biochem. J. 332, 1-4.
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Zaccheo, O, Dinsdale, D, Meacock, PA, Glynn, P (2004) Neuropathy target esterase and its yeast homologue degrade phosphatidylcholine to glycerophosphocholine in living cells. J. Biol. Chem. 279, 24024-24033.
Moser, M, Li, Y, Vaupel, K, Kretzschmar, D Kluge, R, Glynn, P, Buttner, R (2004) Placental failure and impaired vasculogenesis result in embryonic lethality for neuropathy target esterase-deficient mice. Mol. Cell. Biol. 24, 1667-1679.
Read, DJ, Li, Y, Chao, MV, Cavanagh, JB, Glynn, P (2009) Neuropathy target esterase is required for adult vertebrate axon maintenance. J. Neuroscience 29, 11594-11600.

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